Hornets and Wasps

Well it’s that time of year again…you all know what I’m talking about of course, it’s wasp and hornet season around the cottage.

Actually I am a little late with this post because by now, most of the tiny stinging creatures already have their nests built and are busy making them bigger and producing yet more wasps and hornets.Cottages are great places for hornets and other stinging type insects to get started. For one thing, you aren’t there all the time, or at least most of us aren’t.

This gives the little winged buggers time to get a nest built in relative comfort while you are completely unaware of the work that is going on under your veranda steps or in the eaves of your cottage, or worse, inside the attic.

I have a neighbor who was constantly aware of a muted buzzing noise he could hear when things were quiet. Imagine his surprise when he climbed into his crawlspace attic one day to check for a roof leak and came face to face with a huge hornet nest, complete with busy worker hornets who took offense to his intrusion.

I make a a practice to walk around my cottage each year, on several occasions, in fact, pretty much every weekend throughout the summer months, and look for telltale signs of hornet nests.

This can be noticing a preponderance of hornets in an area or flying under the cottage, or the steps, or the sight of an actual nest already built. There hasn’t been a year that I haven’t found at least one, and often more than one. One year they built under the step leading into my shed. For a couple of days I couldn’t find where they were coming from until the nest got a little bigger and I noticed it through the veranda flooring.

My philosophy about a lot of nature is live and let live, however, when hornets or wasps build where I want to be, I have no choice but to bid them adieu, one way or the other. My preferred method of getting rid of them is to use something like Victor Poison Free Wasp & Hornet (2 Pack) This stuff is pretty harmless to the rest of us, but does a number on hornets and their relatives.

Following a good spraying of this stuff, I knock the nest down and run. Give it a couple of minutes and then go back and spray it again until I am sure it’s occupants are dead.

The main ingredient in Victor Poison Free Wasp & Hornet (2 Pack) is Mint oil which over stimulates insects’ nervous system and/or clogs insects’ breathing holes causing asphyxiation and death. The effects last up to 4 weeks.

This stuff has a fresh mint scent with no toxic chemical residue. It’s safe around people, pets and wildlife. It’s also certified poison free by Scientific Certification Systems.

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