Sportstuff Cabana Islander Swimraft

I know that winter seems a strange time to be thinking about water toys for the cottage, but now is the time to get yours and be ready for summer. That way you won’t waste a sunny day on the lake without one.

Somedays at the cottage you want to be in the water, but let’s face it, unless you are an olympic swimmer, you can only swim around for so long. That’s when it would be nice to have something to get on and float around, enjoying the gentle waves as they lull you into a state of relaxation.

Sportstuff Cabana Islander Swim Raft

That’s where the Sportsstuff Cabana Islander comes in not only handy but fun !!
"sportstuff swim raft"
Imagine floating in your lake, tied to the dock, drifting around enjoying the day and the company of friends. For instance, imagine Lonesome Larry and I floating around the cove….in our speedo swim suits….no wait…don’t imagine that…. There’s room for six friends on this swim raft, although it probably would be better with four and much better if the men are not wearing speedo swimsuits.

The Sportstuff Cabana Islander swim raft has an anchor system that will hold you in the perfect place where the waves and sun are just perfect.

Swim Porthole

The Sportstuff Cabana Islander swim raft has a detachable wind-resistant nylon shade top that is vented to provide some shade while letting the wind through, and get this…the Sportstuff Cabana has a swim porthole in the center to let you drop in and out anytime.

You can climb back aboard easily using the ramp extension.
"sportstuff swim raft"

Shade From The Cabana Top

I like this swim raft, in part because of the shade top, I am not a big fan of burning up in the sun, so a bit of shade is a nice addition and will extend the length of time you can stay out on the water.

I also like the seat backs which kind of recline, but allow you to sit, albeit in a reclined position, while offering some support for your back.

You can find out more about this swim raft here:Sportsstuff Cabana Islander

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