Floating Islands

Ya know, there is nothing like a lazy day floating around the lake, and it’s even better if you have something to float on. Here are some fun looking inflatable water toys for big boys and girls.

For starters, how about this Intex Oasis Island

Or, if you want something a little more elaborate, how about this 6 Person Inflatable Party Island with Mounting Ramp and Back Rest

Or perhaps this equally fun looking Intex Relaxation 10 X 10 Station Private Island 704 LBS 4 Person

If you really want to float with a crowd you need to go big or stay home, and this Gladiator Emperor Island Party Lounge will let you go big!

Of course there are days…those hot, sunny, August afternoons when a little alone time can be kind of nice, and what better way to do that than to relax on your very own Kickback Adjustable Lounger Float

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