Booster Ball Water Toy Towline

If you like to spend a summer day at the cottage towing the kids, or the big kids, behind your speedboat on an inflatable water toy, the Booster Ball may be just the thing for you.

You can improve the performance of your water inflatable and your boat at the same time simply by adding the booster ball inflatable towing system to your boating fun.

More Fun On The Water

This is called the SportsStuff 4K Booster Ball and it does just what it says, “boost” your towing performance and increases the fun.
"sportstuff booster ball"

How It Works

The booster ball replaces your ordinary towline with a booster ball that has a towline at both ends.

The booster ball keeps the tow rope elevated and out of the water during the ride. This increases the visibility of the tow rope, it also reduces the dreaded “line drag” and absorbs shock.

The manufacturers claim it even helps to improve fuel economy, and with todays fuel prices, that’s a plus.

Benefits of The Booster Ball

Using the Booster Ball will provide you the boat operator with quicker starts, reduced rope spray, and help keep the bow of the inflatable towable out of the water, preventing nose dives. That translates to a better ride for your passengers and less abuse on the towable itself.
:sportstuff booster ball"
By keeping the tow rope up and out of the water, you will have much less drag, particularly on turns when conventional tow ropes tend to cut into the water, increasing drag and slowing everything down.

The Booster Ball is made in a bright easy to see color with a heavy-guage PVC bladder and a tough nylon cover with double stitching and reinforced stress points. It has a patented speed safety valve for quick inflation and deflation. It also has a self bailing drain vent to prevent the uptake of water.

The tow line and Booster Ball System measures 60 feet overall, and it’s rugged construction will ensure years of fun. It will work with anything from one to four person towables.

You can find out more about tow-rope system here: SportsStuff 4K Booster Ball

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