More Trail Camera Pictures of Whitetail Deer

In keeping with this page of trail camera pictures here are some new pictures of whitetail deer from our trail cameras set up for the fall of 2014. A couple of the whitetail deer who visit us this year were here last year as well, only they were fawns at the time. Most of these pictures were taken with a Wildgame Innovations 6.0 Megapixel Digital Camera N6E although a few were snapped with my cell phone camera.
Here are a couple whitetail deer having a little rest after a nice supper of apples.
whitetail deer
This next fella has apparently gone into someone’s freezer. He had a rather unfortunate life anyway, we believe he was hit by a car in the late summer, suffering a damaged hind leg and a broken antler. The antler stayed attached to his head and continued to grow, and when he ran it poked him in the face and around his eye. Always painful looking.
Here are a couple of deer who came for a bite to eat at night. I believe this is a doe and one of her two fawns. The other fawn is out of camera angle at the time but it was here too.
whitetail deer
This is one of three whitetail deer bucks who came to visit in part for the apples and also because there were a few does around. I have heard that antler growth is tied to nutrition and food sources. It may also be genetic. If that is true, there must be some kind of food deficiency here as the deer did not appear to have very big or very healthy looking antlers compared to others.
Might be the same buck, I am not sure, what do you think? And no, he did not arrive by bicycle…
Pretty good size body, small antlers.
whitetail deer
Here are a couple of deer who came for a visit one evening. Notice the swing in the picture, they are quite close to our house. One of these is a “piebald” deer who was a fawn born last year and used to visit us as a fawn last fall. He made it through the winter and returned this fall as a full grown buck, still with a fair amount of white hair, hence the description, “Piebald”
two deer
Here is one of the young of the year deer who were born this Spring.
whitetail deer
The date and time may or may not be correct on the pictures, I am lacksidasical when it comes to setting up the cameras with the correct date and time. Yeah I know, I gotta work on that…..
Here are three deer that dropped by, this is a mother and two fawns.
This is the whitetail buck deer that I used to call “Mr Horn Dangles” who was hit by a truck in the early fall and later fell to a deer hunter who bagged him much later in the deer hunting season. His injuries from the accident had healed, more or less, save for the broken antler, which dangled off his head and looked to be very painful. I think the hunter did him a favor.
whitetail buck
And another…
Early in the season we had a visit from three bucks. Obviously before the whitetail deer breeding season or “rut” as it is called as they seemed to be getting along with each other. That often changes after the breeding season begins. Notice the brown and white, or “piebald” deer in this picture. This is the one that visited last year as a fawn.
Here is our piebald buck again. Around the middle of the breeding season he disappeared. I was afraid he may have been shot, but a friend contacted me to say he had pictures of the same deer on his trail camera. The deer had moved to another location about 6 or 6 miles away from here. I guess they have better apples…LOL
These are only a smattering of the pictures we have of deer but this gives you an idea of the ones visiting us this Fall. In total we had, a doe with two fawns, a doe with one fawn, and three grown whitetail deer bucks. Lots of fun.

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