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We had a good time at the cottage this past autumn taking pictures of a small group of whitetail deer that were coming to the backyard for a few apples. The deer came for a meal typically three times a day and several times during the overnight hours.

I captured a lot if pictures of deer using my Wildgame Flextime Infrared Digital Scouting Camera

Here are a few of the pictures. This first one is a six point buck that only showed up in the wee hours of the morning. Even then he generally stays in the bushes, not stepping out into the open any more than necessary.
Whitetail Buck

This next pic is a “piebald” fawn who was born the previous Spring. I saw him a few times with his mother when he was probably not much bigger than a beagle dog.
piebald fawn 1

Here are a group of deer, two of them fawns, including the piebald.
November 11 120
In this one the larger doe appears to be mugging for the camera.
curious deer
This last one for today I call “laughing deer” because she appears to be laughing. (I think she is really eating)
laughing deer

I captured these pictures with a great trail camera, click the picture to find out more about these cameras. Easy to use, a trail camera makes it very easy to capture some great pictures of deer. I set a couple of the trail cameras in the yard where I also placed some apples for the deer to eat. It seemed like only a day or two before the deer had locked on to the apples and from then on they returned regularly for a bite to eat. Regularly being several times a day and night as I mentioned. It wasn’t long before we were out of apples. All told I think I fed them about ten bags of apples at $10 a bag.

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