Outhouses Fascinate Me

Frequent readers of The Cottage Chronicles know something of my fascination with cottage plumbing and outhouses….yup…they also know that most of the time I am full of crap, which probably explains my interests…

So it was with delight that I discovered The Outhouses of America Tour which is a simply fascinating look into outhouses, privies, crappers, or whatever else you might call a stand alone human waste disposal facility.

I just spent way to long looking at pictures of outhouses, reading about the history of outhouses and having some of my questions answered, like, what do you do when the hole is full? Simple, you move the outhouse to another hole, and use the ground you remove digging the new hole to cover over the first.

Outhouses are wonderful in their simplicity. Let’s face it, there are no pipes to burst, freeze or leak, no drains or septic tanks to clog, and usually lots to read while spending time inside one. They are also often artistic masterpieces in the sense that very few look identical as outhouses tend to be works of individual design, and are often quite rustic in appearance if not function.

It’s been several years since we tore down our old outhouse at the cottage, and to this day I have no idea why we did. It was just an idea that my Dad had, that it was time for it to go. He’s talked about building another one ever since, and it is on my cottage to-do list. Sometimes at night, as I lay in bed, I go over the plans in my head, dreaming of what the new privy will look like, where it will be located, and what it will be like inside….I really do…

One thing for sure, my outhouse is going to have the crescent moon on the door, and as I have recently learned, a star. It seems the moon symbolizes the women’s privy and the star the men’s, although the use of the star seems to have faded in modern outhouse construction. Because my outhouse is going to be multi-gendered, I am going to put both a star and a crescent moon on the door.

Here is a novel outhouse design, this is called a politican’s outhouse…

I also came across some interesting outhouse related things that might be kind of nice to have, especially at the cottage, such as these salt and pepper shakers.


This 5′ Outhouse Door Cover would be great on an inside cottage bathroom door, making every trip a trip to the outhouse…

I think that this Outhouse Matchbox Holder would be a great addition to the wall near the woodstove.

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