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Pictures of Boats on the Lake

I tried to upload this post yesterday and it mysteriously disappeared, so…I am going to try again. What follows, hopefully, should be a random assortment of boat pictures. We had everything from rowboats to jet skis to fishing boats on the lake. So let’s have a look at a few starting with a rowboat.
Being Labour Day Weekend here in Canada, it’s a big one for cottagers and boaters alike.
It was also a great day for some water fun, such as tubing.
tubing 1
Here is a tuber now….

tubing 3

tubing 4

power boat on the lake

jet ski 1

power boat tubing

inboard outboard power boat
Some boaters cruising along aboard a deck boat.
deck boat
And what lake is complete without a pontoon boat or two? jetskier
Who doesn’t love a jet ski with a water spout out the stern!!
pontoon boat
Here’s a fast powerboat speeding up the lake.
fast speed boat
Here are some wonderful memories being made.
jet ski driving
I think we saw this power boat earlier.
Speed boat
Here’s a dandy boat !! It’s a big one. This is a Bayliner boat. I think they call this model the “Overnighter”
cabin cruiser
power boat
How about some more jet skis !
jet skiers 4jet skiers
Looks like fun!!!
jet skis
Looks like these folks are having a great time on the lake.
tubing fun
There goes that deck boat again.
deck boat
Here is a pontoon boat that is kind of unique, but looking great.
pontoon boat
There go some folks enjoying a beautiful day on their pontoon boat.
pontoon boat
What lake is complete without some aluminum run-a-boats and outboard motors. Practical, relatively inexpensive boats that are great for lots of boating purposes from fishing to just enjoying a beautiful boating day cruising on the water.
aluminum boat

power boat

power boat cruising
Here’s another jet ski, they were really out in force this weekend.
jet skiers
And saving the best for last, here is what I call a cape island fishing boat plying the waters of the lake. I assume not lobster fishing…..
cape islander boat