New Kitchen Pantry At The Camp

This has been a pretty good week around the camp, in fact it’s been a good couple of weeks. We recently bought a new stove for the kitchen, put down a new cushion floor, and this week Wendy bought herself a cabinet for the kitchen.

New Kitchen Pantry

I think it’s what would be called a “kitchen pantry” in some places. Here it is all assembled with the doors closed.
"kitchen pantry cabinet"
Of course our new kitchen pantry it came in a box and needed some assembly, so armed with an electric drill, hammer, some screw drivers, and various and sundry other tools, we put it together. It looks pretty good I must say, and now that she has it full of food, it really looks good.

During the assembly, which was pretty easy I must say, we ended up with an ‘extra’ piece. It looks like a shelf, finished on one side, but for the life of me I couldn’t figure out where it was supposed to go. I even resorted to reading the directions, a first for me.
"cottage kitchen cabinet"
Alas, in my humble opinion, it was an extra piece. Nothing to do with that but put it in the shed, just in case it was needed for something later. In Wendy’s humble opinion, I had probably put the cabinet together wrong, and the shelf would be needed as soon as the cabinet fell apart. For instance, if one of the existing shelves suddenly broke under the weight of all the cans of chunky soup, we’d have a replacement.

“Put it somewhere safe.” Wendy said, “In case we need it later.”

So, following directions from my boss, I took it to the shed and carefully placed it…well..I leaned it against something and promptly forgot about it.

Crosman Phantom

Fast forward a couple days. I have a Crosman Phantom .22 pellet rifle that I keep around for target practice and wayward squirrels who try to move in to the shed. I don’t shoot them, I just show them the gun and they move out…however, I am digressing.

I didn’t have a lot to do tonight so I figured some target practice with the Crosman might be fun. Just had to find a suitable target. The rifle’s sights have been off lately, so I figured I would get it “sighted-in” so it would be ready if it was ever needed to displace a rabid porcupine.

I went to the garage and cast an eye around for something to use as a target. I found a suitable piece of wood, didn’t think too much about it really. I taped an “X” on the board, and drew a circle. Perfect, a good target for sighting in the airgun.

I set my target up in a safe place and went to work shooting it full of holes, adjusting the sights as I went, perfecting the point of impact, talking to myself about “minutes of angle” and “clicks” and other marksman type stuff. It was kind of fun.

I guess I must have fired 25 shots at the board, quite proud of my accuracy and gun sighting skills. So proud in fact that I took my shot up target inside to show Wendy… know where this is going don’t you….
Crosman Phantom target shooting
When she stopped yelling at me, I said it was no big deal, I would just fill the holes with some plastic wood and it would be fine. Good as new….then I turned it over….

Yes I am sleeping in the shed tonight. But I am not afraid, I’ve got my Crosman Phantom just in case a squirrel tries to break in.

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