The Spring Thing

Our roving cottage correspondent, “Lonesome Larry” has been at it again, this time, in his words, he’s doing the “Spring Thing” and Larry being Larry, has gotten a story to tell. His latest adventure involves, well…let’s let Lonesome tell it in his own words.

The Spring Thing

Well Rob , we’re right into ‘er , mud, mix oil, rakin’ and rubber boots…….we’re all doin’ the Spring Thing. I got at the stuff in the shed ———- why the hell do I have eight rakes and six shovels and a set of Rambler wheels , I’ll have to call the “Gut Junk” truck soon.

Anyway ,I fired up the CTC moto-mow, and swore at the Weeder Eater for a while ‘til I put the plug wire on, then I rolled out the pressure washer, laughin’ ain’t ya Rob…

Gorgeous Gwen Of The Lake (GGOTL) and the young fella bought it so they could wash down the siding and the deck, spray the boat, you know, all the stuff that goes on the “Honey Do” list for me because “you’re retired, you have lots of time”

I hooked up the garden hose, tightened the pressure hose, put on the wash nozzle (the truck needed a scrub , granddaughter said it looked yucky) checked the oil, new high-test in the tank, water turned on, throttle, choke.

Last fall when we did the winter preparation of all our junk…err….equipment……we were very careful to drain all the water and gas, lube and spray so there would be no rust, all the stuff ya do to yer gear, so in the spring you only need a few new parts. Bein’ the father instructin’ the son I told him to make sure that pressure hose was drained ‘cause I wasn’t buyin’ a new one if it froze and split.

Well Rob I pulled the cord on the Honda and she fired up. The world started to end !!!! The nozzle hit me in the forehead (I always had trouble with that little lock- ring thing ) stop laughin’. This 40 foot snake thing with a 3 foot head was goin’ around the driveway bangin’ on the F150, I grabbed a hold with both arms, the wet end right at the appendicitis scar. OMG that water was cold, and commin’ out at about lunar rocket booster pressure, it sure weren’t anywhere close to a hot-tub.

I could have been seriously injured Rob, GGOTL casually walked over to the little Honda, slowly, very slowly, (looking back, it was too slowly) closed the throttle and grinned as she pointed to the orange marker tape holding the trigger open……

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