The Rocking Chair

Our roving correspondent, known hereabouts as “lonesome larry” has been on the job, sending us an update on some recent goings on down his cottage lane. Here is Lonesome Larry’s latest report from the lake.

An Early Spring

Rob, where were ya when the heat wave hit ??? I was down at the camp rakin’ and wheel barrowin’ , even had my new camo speedo on, lost 20lbs so I’m down into a size XL, I’m gonna be the talk of Clam Harbour Beach this summer.” Oh the east coast girls are hip I really dig those boots they wear——“

Anyway, the Costco Weather Station sat at 27 celciuses for the afternoon, windchill had ‘er down to 25.9 you know how that sou’west wind is cool in the afternoon.

Watched for ya all week , guess Wendy had yer collar tite. Big news, the Bishop place has changed owners. Foster ‘n Ann took er over lock stock ‘n basement, you know Foster, big tall guy about 5 foot 19 inches high, I call em “XT” (extra tall).

Well they were there every evening cleanin and fussin, got two of those Mexican watchdogs, Chee Waa Waas, if them things are as tough as they put on we’ll have to be careful prowlin’ around, might get ankle-bit !!!!

So XT’s car went to the shop so he could get royally —— I mean to get fixed and they told him they would lend a little truck if that would help him out.

Ann bein’ quick on the uptake got XT movin’ furniture while they had the truck. Rob is that a thing in the female hormones or do they get it in the embreo onical fluid at birth, seems all women have to keep furniture movin’.

Anyway there was a lot of stuff in the camp basement that were family hair-looms or what ever so off they went “Allied” for a day. A big platform rocking chair had been in the family forever and Ann figured Ma would want it fixed up so one of the grand kids could have it. Yer laughin’ yer ass off Rob, I can tell.

This thing is close to a ton and won’t go out the door , XT is sweatin’ and Ann is givin’ instructions, — ever been there Rob ????

So the rocking chair finally gets stowed in the pick-up truck box, looks good, just like Jed’s old truck headin’ for Beverly Hills, Granny….um….I mean Anny, didn’t climb in the back, she told XT to get some rope and tie it securely.

XT bein’ a man had it all figured out, the chair is heavy enough, can’t jump the tail gate, take the old highway, not too fast, no wind, stop at Tim’s buy the little lady a LDD and a box of Bits. Somewhere past The Harbour she let out a scream, “Where’s the chair ???”

XT pulled a U-turn and headed back. They found it. In Jeddore, on a lawn, behind a FOR SALE sign sat a old guy, like Al, in the family rocker.

There was lots of talk and explainin’ but the old guy said it was his great grandmas’ from the Moose River Mine and a lot of other adventures. Had a lot a sentimental value….

XT was getting’ frazzled, Ann reminded him about the rope. They settled on $30 and a piece of string to tie ‘er on after the old guy showed them the scratches that happened when his granny fell over one night after the card party.

The rest of the trip was pretty quiet. No Tims. When they got it home, Ma told them to put the old chair up by the road at the camp on clean up week, someone will want it.

Man in rocking chair pic: Wilkipedia-Public Domain

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