Christmas At The Camp

Lonesome Larry, Alleghany Al and family spent Christmas at the camp this year. Things were going good until the lights went out…

Rob !!! I made ‘er through another MERRY CHRISTMAS ( I like puttin’ that in BIG letters Rob , imagin sayin’ happy holidays to everybody) I gotta tell ya about the Camp Christmas, whole family was there, great time !!

Me ‘n GGOTL started out on the 20th ( CPP cheques ) Rob, I didn’t think the van was gonna’ make Four Dollar Hill , she was packed to the roof and we even had some tied on top, just like them days of family campin’ Rob back in the 50’s ‘n 60’s . Made ‘er through the toll and coasted in to Masstown Market.

My dear wife loaded a cart , told me to get in the check-out line while she looked for “sumpthin’ special” . Oh boy this is gonna’ be the best Christmas ever!!! She met me at the van an hour later —- said it was so busy. You been there Rob, got the tee-shirt eh.

We got to Jeddore, stop at Sobeys for some things !!!! It’s good the “Pop Shop” is there , I’m gonna need a drink or four. Another cart load !!! How many months are we stayin’? Better get a couple of the big bottles.

On the road again, Stop the van !!! Look !!! Lobsters $4.50 !!! Tie “em on the hood dear, there’s no room inside.

Unload, lobster for supper ( eat yer heart out ) few drinks, wood stove , Duck Dynasty on the flat screen, woke up after midnight and went to bed.

We’ll get coffee and a muffin at Tim’s , I gotta go to DARTMOUTH CROSSING , everything’s marked down, hurry up !!! The Friday before Christmas and GGOTL is takin’me shoppin’ , she’s drivin’ I’m lost. Lot of changes on that hill since rabbit huntin’ and Friday night parkin’ days ( remember the old gravel pit Rob , Elvis on the radio, Byrlcream, Olands , the girls from P.A.)

Sorry Rob, got all caught up in the 60’s. Anyway she motored around through all them lanes and lights and stop signs , only missed a few and didn’t hit anything. We did about 15 stores , there is no cure is there Rob, they shop ‘til they drop. I got two jugs of windshild washer at CTC. We’re goin’ back for the Boxin’Day Riots , I mean price reductions, “Captain” I’m stayin’at the camp!

Al ‘n Cathy motered in , XT (extra-tall) ‘n Anny arrived with their Mexican watchdogs Jose ‘n Cuervo, and Dave ‘n Lisa finally got there with Chloe, GGOTL got her Grammy game up to speed real quick , there’s sumpthin’ special about a little girl and her Grammy getting’ things ready for Christmas.

So me ‘n Al are doin’ stuff , havin’ our rest periods on the porch , XT is bangin’ on sumpthin’ . Al plugs in the bread maker, out go the lights!! Al puts a lot into his bread but I never thought that machine would knock out the transformer!!

I heard Anny hollarin’ to XT wonderin’ what he did to the new flat screen ( the things about as big as a drive-in movie, you’ll be able to watch it from yer wharf Rob) Powers out , call Light and Power, oh yeh it’s Nova Scotia Power Inc. ( they can charge more when they’re an “Inc.”)

The lady told Al she would turn him on before 8 o’clock, me ‘n XT called and a guy answered —- don’t go there Rob — so we went roamin’ around to get the generators , nope , none, we even got into LTD’s place and couldn’t find one. All those Hondas, so little plannin’. Bring out the Colmans, an hour and a half ‘til dark, batteries dead in the flashlight, where’s the candles?

Me ‘n Al ‘n XT had a couple of plannin’ sessions on the porch and made a bit of light so we could see the table and chairs and fridges and important stuff. Around 7:30 the Bucket Truck showed up . We went to help out but by that time it was kind a hard to tip yer head back and look up if ya know what I mean !!!

Let there be light !!!!!! We decorated and put the presents under the tree ( fresh cut from Wendy’s front yard) Everyone said good-nite to the little one , she just hit the pillow ‘n was gone to dream land before Grammy finished the first story. We woke GGOTL up an hour later.

Me ‘n Al helped out playin’ “ Elf on a Shelf “ it’s sort a like when ya put yer car keys somewhere after supper then everyone helps ya find them in the morning, only ya can’t swear cause yer helpin’ Chloe find “Peeko” , that’s her Elf’s name. We wanted XT to put Peeko in the rain gutter but the girls kind a slowed us down a bit so we sat him on the Christmas tree . The celebratin’ finished off about midnite, I only fell asleep once, Al twice .

Al ‘n Cathy and Foster ‘n Ann headed for the big city and their families for Christmas Eve. Mike ‘n Yana arrived by suppertime. The rushin’ and runnin’ slowed to a stop ‘n there we were, Me ‘n GGOTL with the kids , grand-daughter and three dogs, the first time the family was spending Christmas at the camp !!!

Only thing missin’ — all the good friends from around the cove – We should fix that next year Rob.

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