Campfire Crunch

How the he—ck are ya Rob? I bin busy doin all kinds of stuff. Guess it’s about time I sent a note or two before I get fired or re-ass-signed .

It’s bin chilly the last few nights , me ‘n GGOTL got out the flannel jammies and the Hudson Bay blanket, put an extra log on the fire time is here again. Kind a makes a guy think about them camp fires at the lake .

Did I tell ya about the night me ‘n Al got stomped on?

Picture of Lonesome Larry resisting arrest. Fortunately it was a day when he chose to wear his nicest blue bra.

It was one a those weekends made for bein’ at the lake , hot and sunny, boats, ATV’s , BBQ’s ‘n beer, everybody happy !

Me ‘n Al were havin’ our evenin’ rest period, goin’ over the days unfinished projects and figured we should have a get-together , Al got on the Eye-Phone and before ya know it there was a bunch on the porch, music was playin’ chips and pepperoni on the table — and —the camp fire was glowin’.

Now Rob you have gone to great lengths to tell your readers about the glorious camp fires me ‘n Al have on the point , we are known as a Center of Excellence for camp fires , with many years of experience and an unblemished safety record ( the tractor fire really doesn’t count) we are Camp Fire Kings.

Apparently we have a very jealous neighbour down the shore. Little did we know it was Smokey The Bear……..

Across the lake all the regulars were burnin’ and watchin’ for me ‘n Al to get lit so to speak’, so we piled ‘er on and had a nice warm glow around the cove. Hootin’ and hollarin’, singin’ and laughin’, how are ya ! Join the party!!!

OMG !!! What’s all the lights , who’s all these guys? There was red lights and white lights , trucks and fire fighters code one, ten fours everywhere, radios cracklin’ and there “HE” stood —- direct to our cove from Halifax Regional Municipality the OPDVFDADC (Oyster Pond District Volunteer Fire Department Assistant Deputy Chief )

He told us there was a complaint from a near-by neighbour and there was a ban on open fires because of the dry weather. “Put it out now” Barkin’ orders on his “ ten-four talker thing” I heard some stuff about attackin’ from the west side with the high pressure hose and set up to protect the residences, Rob , I expected to see Buffalo Jo come over the hill with his big yellow water bomber!!!

Now me ‘n Al were sittin’ in our lawn chairs by the camp fire with a drink in one hand and a garden hose in the other. Al’s a smooth talker and had the “ Chief “ calmed down in no time. He pointed out the fires across the lake and the fireworks up the road , just a normal Saturday night at the lake.

Al convinced the guys our hoses would do the job, no need to dirty up the Municipality’s trucks and gear, think of all the clean-up time back at the station. They stayed ‘til every ember was out and all the wood was well soaked .

No more fires ‘til we get a proper fire pit built, we got the message as the trucks hit the road. Al sure got us out of a hornets nest, I guess all them years slingin’ B.S. at the CBC made him the man to deal with the big guys.

Across the water we watched the flames go higher at all the regular camp sites then the fire works and the music, red and green lights driftin’ along in the dark. Ya gotta love it ! Sing along with John !

Almost Heaven


Big blue water

I don’t like the winter

Everybody have a safe and healthy winter, Merry Christmas

Water Bomber Photo: Wilkipedia Creative Commons

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