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  1. Use SSS in your bath to keep mosquitoes away from you. SSS = Skin so soft a product of Avon used for years. An old method that really works!

  2. One of our readers, Sandra Mac, sent the following:

    I have to tell you that as a new cottage owner I enjoy your site. I have started a binder of your invaluable articles about things such as how to winterize your cottage, footvalves etc. The one on Baby barns was great but I have an even better way to build one. My 83 yrs old dad and I started to build one last year, it was not a job for us, when I got to the cottage the next week, neighbors who realized we were in over our heads had it built, sided and shingled. It was the barn that friends built. I enjoy your column every day, your articles are humorous. I print many for my father to read. Keep up the great work. How about an article on how to care for your dirt road at the cottage (for those neighbors who like to drive on it all year long) or an article on the best bug zappers, or a primer on priming your pump etc. Thanks again for all the information.

  3. I think Cottage Tips The Cottage Chronicles is a informative post and you do a solid job of posting with good details. Tommie

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