Go Deep For Late Season Trout

Last week Wendy and I were out on the pontoon boat cruising, it was a great day on the water. While we were out, I was doing what I usually do, watching for fish on the Humminbird 160 PiranhaMAX Series FishfinderI have installed on the pontoon boat.

Imagine my surprise to see a school of large fish going by under the pontoon boat, fish that the Hummingbird identified as large…and lot’s of them. Problem was they were way down deep, in a hole, making it hard to reach them with conventional trout fishing gear.

Trout Fishing

So I did what any normal guy who suffers from trout fishing fever would do, I told Wendy I needed to go back to the camp. quickly!!

“How come?” she asked suspiciously, turning to look at me from her seat in front of the helm where she was soaking up the sun in her bikini.

“Oh…” I paused, trying to come up with a suitable reason, but I really couldn’t. So I spilled my guts, telling her about the fish and that I needed my fishing rod. We haven’t had that many really nice days on the boat this summer, so I figured she would be annoyed at having to stop cruising in the comfortable pontoon boat and go fishing in the little aluminum boat…and she did look good in her bikini…I weighed my options….

Before I was done with the option weighing, she was up and looking at the picture on the fishfinder. I had forgotten that this Spring Wendy had enjoyed a fairly successful trout fishing season, she got up and took a look at the fishfinder, saw the big fish beneath the pontoon boat and said, “What are we waiting for, get this old tub moving, I have to get my fishing rod and we have to get trout fishing !!”

Head for home

I gunned the outboard and headed for home, trying to mark the spot as well as possible given that I didn’t think to do it until we were already well underway steaming for home.

While I geared up our aluminum fishing boat she went to the camp, changed her clothes and grabbed the fishing gear. In no time we were back on the water, this time in our 14 foot Springbok boat, our official trout fishing boat, loaded with fishing tackle, and my Eagle FishEasy 245 DS Portable 4-Inch Waterproof Fishfinder

As we headed back toward the spot where I had seen the fish, I geared up our trout fishing rods with
bottom bouncer sinker rigs like these Northland Fishing Tackle Rock Runner Bottom Bouncer Sinkers I knew the fish were down pretty deep, in a hole and we would need some way of getting our lures down to where they were. The bottom bouncer rigs had worked great for us once before in late summer, so I figured we’d give them a try this time. Here is what the rig I was using looked like. As you can see, it has a weight, and a wire that hits the bottom with the premise being that the lure rides above the bottom avoiding snags. I have used this with a floating lure before with reasonably good luck in the later season when the water is warm and the fish are deep. Trout fishing requires the fisherman to alter techniques depending on the time of year.

“What’s that thing?” Wendy asked pointing at my elaborate bottom bouncer and lure, “Haven’t we got any worms?”

“Did you see me dig any worms?” I countered.

“I thought that was what you were doing when I went to change.” she said, frowning, “I only like trout fishing with worms.”

“When you were changing I was gearing up these rigs.” I said, pointing to the lure swinging on the side of the downrigger sinker. It bounced against the side of the boat and one of the treble hooks dug into the carpet. “Besides,” I added, “These lures are perfect for getting down deep where we saw those fish.”

“That’s no good, we need worms to catch fish.” she growled as I tried to rip the treble hook out of the carpet, but only succeeding in digging it in deeper.

“Need I remind you?” she said, pulling her cell phone out and showing me this picture.

“I get my fish on worms, not some big old plastic lure.” she said, smiling sweetly.

As I struggled with the fish hook in the carpet we reached the area where we had seen the fish. Wendy grabbed a fishing rod and started stripping off line, trolling it behind the boat.

“That’s my rod.” I said, still trying to free the %$#-&^#@ hook.

“Nope, that is your rod.” she said, nodding toward the one in my hand with the treble hooks now embedded deep into the indoor outdoor carpet, before I could protest she pulled on her rod quickly, saying she thought she had a bite…..

Unfortunately, the fish were now nowhere to be found, dispite making larger and larger circles in the area where we had seen them just an hour or so before. We did see a couple fish go by on the screen, but nothing like we had seen earlier, and the ones we saw were not interested in our lures, or I should say her lure, mine was still stuck to the carpet and I was cutting it free with my jackknife.

As you can see from the next pic, it was around 40 some feet deep, but no fish are on the screen.

So…if you came here expecting a story of a successful fishing trip…..yup….nope…not this time. I go tomorrow to get the stitches out of my thumb. Turns out a jackknife, treble hook and bouncing boat with a bouncing sinker do not mix well with a thumb.

Wendy says for trout fishing we should have had some worms….

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