Protecting Your Cottage From Thieves

Cottage and Home Security

I don’t know about you, but around here, cottage security and home security is always a concern. I guess the allure of unoccupied buildings possibly containing items of value is just too much for thieves to resist. As camp or cottage owner you have two places to worry about, you need to consider home security and cottage security.

Cottages are also great places for thieves to find valuable items like boats and outboard motors, chainsaws, water pumps, four wheelers and anything else that isn’t nailed or screwed down, and some stuff that is….

Other than a good insurance policy there isn’t a lot you can do about it, unless you are willing to spring for an expensive security system and the hassles that they can bring to you, especially if you live far from your cottage.

Increase Your Home Security

There are a few things you can do, to minimize the risk, and increase your cottage and home security, although in my experience nothing is foolproof anymore. The world is full of people who want what you have…that is the key to good security, remember that, all the time….so with that in mind, here is what I do.

Lock Up Your Boat

I always lock up my boat with a heavy chain and padlock. I run the chain under the seat. Anything else is just too easy to cut.

If I am staying at the cottage, I lock my outboard motor to the stern of the boat with a boat padlock bar that slides across the stern clamps and is a little difficult to cut or break. I also lock the motor to the boat with a chain and padlock which also serves to save the motor should it fall off the boat.

If I am going home, I remove the motor from the boat and put it inside, hidden not only from view, but from anyone who gets inside the cottage. They have to look to find it. That is one of the good things about a 15 hp outboard, easy to lift off and on the boat.

We close all the window blinds and curtains to keep prying eyes out. I operate on the theory that a crook might not want what he cannot see. The same goes for the shed, the windows are all covered.

In both the shed and the cottage, anything of value is hidden, or at least covered over, again to slow up the thief from finding it. In fact, the shed is so full of stuff, both junk and otherwise, a crook would have to really dig around to try and find anything, which takes time, something crooks don’t like. I also shut the power off to the shed, so the lights don’t work. They will need to use flashlights.

Lock Your Water Pump

Earlier this spring someone stole my neighbor’s water pump. Disconnected it from the plumbing and took it. Just like that. I guess it wasn’t nailed down. If your water pump is under your camp, or somewhere easily accessible, it is a good idea to chain it to something. Chains don’t stop someone determined to steal, but often a good chain and padlock will deter them and send them off to look for something not locked, easier to steal.

Motion sensor home security lights outside are a good addition to both cottage and home security in summer when the power is on, not much good if it isn’t in the winter. We have motion sensor lights at home and at the cottage.

The cottage doors are all padlocked and have two deadbolts.

When I go home I don’t leave anything laying around outside, make a check of the place to ensure all the windows and doors are closed and locked, it’s my home security inspection.

The neighbors on our road have a kind of unwritten code that means we all check each other’s places whenever we are there, just a quick walk around, but at least it is someone checking.

Finally, I pray a lot that the place won’t get broken into or vandalized…I just hope and pray…

At home, in the city we practice similar home security practices, motion sensor lights, deadbolts, neighbors who keep an eye on the house and the valuables etc out of sight from the windows etc. As I have said before, thieves don’t want what they cannot see.

I’m also thinking about adding a few of these inexpensive, fake, home security cameras, which may not work as a camera, but they work as a burgelar deterrent. Its worth a try.

This SVAT ISC302 Outdoor Imitation Dome Security Camera
resembles a real dome camera and is ceiling and wall mountable with a blinking LED that makes it look like it is actually working. This inexpensive home security system runs on batteries and which can last up to three months.

Or this Sylvania SY-600 Simulated Video Security Camera looks very realistic and will surely make a thief wonder when he looks up and sees it looking back at him.

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