Fake Security Camera With Motion Sensor

With Fall upon us and time to close up the cottage, or at least not be there as often as during the summer months, it’s time to consider some cottage security.

The Best Security

Of course the best security is a wired alarm security system and a trustworthy neighbor checking on your place regularly, maybe a next door neighbor who has a good view of your cottage.
Unfortunately, alarm systems can be quite costly, usually involving a monthly monitoring fee, and they can be problematic at times too, going off for a false alarm. That can become expensive, especially if the police are called to answer too many false alarms.

Security Not Expensive

But all is not lost, among other things, adding some security can be as simple as installing a couple of these inexpensive Fake Security Cameras With Motion Detector
"fake security camera"
Attach a few of these security cameras to the outside walls of your cottage, particularly around doors and windows, and you will have crooks second guessing whether or not to take a chance on breaking in to your place.

A security camera with a motion sensor for home or a security camera for cottage is a great way to improve your property security. I am not talking about covert cameras, which, although they may serve a purpose are not much of a deterrent, not as much as a visible security motion detector camera with a motion sensor.

Fake Security Camera With Motion Detector Sensor

When it comes to home security solutions and cottage security solutions, it is hard to beat the price and value of using a fake security camera with motion sensor.

Fake But Realistic Looking Security Camera

This is a realistic looking security camera that has a battery operated motion detector sensor. The motorized camera motion detector sensor swivels the camera and an activation light comes on, for extra realistic affect.

The crooks won’t be sure whether it is a video surveillance system or not, and most will err on the side of caution and go look for a place that doesn’t have a camera watching.
"fake security camera picture"

This is a fake security camera with motion detector sensor, or as we say in the sales business, “faux” security camera, but it will do more than you think in terms of adding to your home security, cottage security or business security.

In the security business, prevention is key to having a safe, secure property. Obviously a real working security camera with a motion dectector would be ideal. But those require someone to monitor them.

Of course, having real recorded images can be useful for criminal prosecutions as well. However, those types of surveillance systems are expensive and not foolproof either. But for about 10 bucks, you can have one of these imitation cameras set up.

You know the old adage, you can fool most of the people most of the time….

It’s still a good idea to have a neighbor walking around your place regularly, but one of these fake security cameras can still be helpful. It has a motion sensor that will detect motion from 32 feet away. Although it looks like it is wired, it is battery operated, and has an on-off switch for times when you don’t need it.

The best part is, this added home security costs less than $10.00 Hard to beat a deal like that.

You can find out more about this security camera here: Fake Security Cameras With Motion Detector

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