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Possibly because my Dad and my Grandfather were plumbers, or perhaps because I like bathrooms…but I find myself always figuring out how I can have a second or third toilet at the camp. I frequently dream about building an outhouse, or putting a second bathroom in the camp or even adding one to the pontoon boat.

Yup…well most of those plans take one thing I haven’t got a lot of…money. However, all is not lost and here’s why. I have discovered the magic of porta-potties. Yup, you can laugh and say, “It ain’t magic” and you’d be right. But when the septic tank at the camp fails suddenly on Friday night, and you just finished a big supper, you are going to call me a magician when I pull myThetford 92360 Porta Potti 550E Curve Portable Toilet out of my hat.

Yup, a portable toilet is a great thing to have at the camp, even at home in the event you have some kind of toilet/sewer/septic tank problems. A portable toilet will also come in handy as a second toilet for large groups, parties etc.

With a Thetford Porta Potti Curve portable toilet you will not have to go to go, you can go right where you are…well…you can go where you need to go without having to go to the neighbors.

Portable Toilets On Boats In Canada

A portable toilet is also a great thing to have aboard the boat, and while there are some questions about the legality of portable toilets on boats in fresh water, I have it on good authority that as long as they are self contained units that are somehow fastened to the boat so they cannot tip over, you should be OK. I contacted the Office Of Boating Safety/Transport Canada in Canada, and here is what they advised:
The temporary storage that you are suggesting to put on board your boat is acceptable as temporary storage. “Temporary means of storage” (such as porta-potties, composting toilets etc.) are acceptable in designated and inland waters, as long as the intent is for the sewage to be taken ashore and disposed of properly.
The term “well secured” indicates that the toilet and the holding tank should withstand conditions that the vessel will be subject to – rough water, high wind, etc. And of course, the toilet will not come loose from where it is attached and the contents will not spill from the holding tank due to rough sea conditions. The rough water conditions and high winds refer to conditions that could be present in the area where the vessel operates.
There are some issues with the current wording of the regulations with regard to temporary means of storage, which will hopefully will be fixed/clarified in the next phase of amendments. In any case, the intent of the regulation is to keep sewage out of the water.”

In my opinion, the key things to keep in mind in terms of the above are, 1) make sure the toilet is secured to the boat in some fashion, and 2) it should have a means of removing the sewage securely to be emptied ashore. (normally I empty mine on Lonesome Larry’s vegetable garden, he says he has the nicest carrots…)
thetford curve porta pottie
Boat or no boat, a portable toilet is a handy thing to own. I like the Thetford Curve as it has the following:
Battery-powered flush
Sleek, modern and homelike design
Comfortable seat height
Increased bowl size
Hidden controls
Improved water tank carrying handle
Optional hold down kit
Integrated toilet paper holder
Holding tank level indicator for fresh water and waste tanks
1-year warranty

In addition, it has a 21 litre(5.5 gal) waste tank, and a 15 litre fresh water tank that they claim will go for an average of 56 flushes.

You can find out more about the Thetford Curve here: Thetford 92360 Porta Potti 550E Curve Portable Toilet and on their website here:Thetford Portable Toilets

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