Septic Tank Pumper Truck Slogans

Septic Pumping

When it comes to business names and slogans, septic pumping companies have the most fun. In fact, I have concluded that it is a rite of passage for a septic pumping company to come up with a great slogan and put it on their septic pumper trucks.

For those of you who don’t know what septic pumping companies do, essentially they come to your cottage or home and pump the stuff out of your septic tank and haul it away. Then you can start flushing again and start filling your septic tank again.

Apparently there are some in the septic pumping business who are not in favor of companies putting these slogans on their trucks because they think it lacks professionalism, or makes fun of an otherwise serious business.

Personally I think more companies should have funny slogans, for one thing, once you see or hear a funny slogan it sticks in your mind, and isn’t that what advertising is all about? I think anyone who thinks that septic pumping companies shouldn’t have slogans is missing out on some great advertising, and have their underwear on way too tight.

Here are some septic pumping slogans I found, what about you? Any I missed?

Septic Tank Pumping Truck Slogans

We haul milk on the weekends

Your number two is our number one

Another load of political promises

Our Business Stinks But We Love It

You dump, we pump

Yesterdays Meals On Wheels

You Think Your Job Sucks

Thanks for Flushing Our Business Down The Drain

Satisfaction Guaranteed or 110% of your product returned

Flush Beats A Full House

It may be sh*t to you but it’s our bread & butter

Stool Bus

If it don’t go down, call Brown

We haul american made product

Pooper Pumper People

We Do Pump N Right

Got Poop?

The Turd Burglar

It’s A Dirty Job But Somebody’s Got To Do It

This Truck Sucks

Your Sh*t Is Our Bread and Butter

After the first whiff, call Cliff

Your poop is our bread and butter!

Your brown is our green

The wizard of ooze

Dealer In Used Food

Pumping Your Treasure Is Our Pleasure

We Want Your Stinking Business

We Clean Your Septic Tanks With Thanks

Your plop is our crop

Everyone keeps their nose out of our business

We take crap from anyone

Pumping your Dumping

We Clean You Out

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