Foot Valve And Hose Retainer

Those of us who use a water pump to draw water from our cottage lake or even a shallow well are quite familiar with foot valves and the occasional problems they can have.

One of those problems is getting the foot valve positioned in the right place to not suck too much water off the surface and not too much muck and debris from the bottom which results in clogged foot valves and brownish mucky water in your cottage toilet, shower and water faucets.

To avoid those cottage water pump problems we cottagers, being an enterprising, inventive lot, usually use some jury rigged affair to keep the foot valve in the right position and depth.

I have seen water pump foot valves submerged in buckets, tied to rocks and cement blocks, mounted on pieces of wood so they point down and sometimes just anchored to the bottom with rocks.

A Solution

Well cottagers and fellow foot valve users, someone has been thinking about that problem and come up with an excellent system to make your life and mine a little easier. His name is Charles “Chic” Tyson and his company is Charles Tyson Enterprises.

Charles has developed one of those “why didn’t I think of that?” solutions that I believe cottagers and camp owners will appreciate.
"foot valve retainer"
Chic has invented a solution that enables you and I to get our cottage water line and foot valve in the right position and right depth to avoid the foot valve problems I mentioned above.

It’s called The Foot Valve and Hose Retainer which is um….a practical name for his product, although not quite as sexy as I might have hoped. I was hoping for something like the Chic Magnet or Holdyerwater….or….well come to think of it, The Foot Valve and Hose Retainer name is actually quite good, much better than anything I can think of anyway.

But I am digressing. The Foot Valve and Hose Retainer is the answer to the cottage water pump owners prayer.
foot valve and water hose retainer
The Foot Valve and Hose Retainer is cleverly designed to keep your foot valve above the lake bottom and below the surface while the cover prevents debris from building up on your foot valve. Fabricated entirely of aluminum, it won’t rust or corrode and will last for years.

Buy Yours Here

The kit comes with everything you need, except you add the cement block. Otherwise the shipping and handling would be outrageous !!! LOL.

Speaking of shipping and handling, Chic is currently offering these devices for $49.95 which includes shipping in Canada and the continental United States.

Sound interesting? Useful?

You can find out more and order one for your cottage here: The Foot Valve and Hose Retainer

Check it out folks, this is a good idea.

This is not a paid review, I receive no compensation for the above endorsement, I just think it is a good idea and figured you would too. I’d be interested in hearing what you think about it. Leave a comment, tell me what you like or don’t like about the Foot Valve and Hose Retainer

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