Cottage Plumbing Repair Made Easy

Welcome to cottage season !!!! It’s finally here, after what seems to have been a long winter, we are now turning the proverbial corner and looking Spring full on in the face….and loving it. Of course the first thing to get done at the cottage in Spring is hooking up the cottage plumbing and getting the water on!

Cottage Plumbing Repair

Although it is a tiny bit early in terms of potential for freezing, we have the water pump hooked up at the camp and we are good to go. I cannot tell you how much better it is at the camp when the water is running. Turning on a water tap sure beats hauling water in buckets from the lake.

Of course no cottage plumbing water pump hook up would be complete without at least one water leak, requiring the dreaded cottage plumbing repair, which we had, and as usual, in the most awkward place imaginable. Under the camp, over a support beam, in a corner, next to an electrical wire…try sodering that.

Well I didn’t have to soder it thanks to some Push’N’Turn pipe fittings which I just happened to have in stock in the shed.
A short length of plastic water pipe, a “tee” and two “unions” was all I needed. I cut out the offending piece of copper pipe and replaced it with the new plastic pipe outfited with the Push’N’Turn connections.
"push n turn pipe fitting from Waterline Products"
Frequent readers of The Cottage Chronicles know I am a huge fan of “Push’N’Turn” pipe connectors from Waterline Products in Mississauga, Ontario. These plastic plumbing fittings come in very handy, especially for a cottage plumbing repair in an awkward place and connections under the camp where sodering is not easy. I’ve been using Push’N’Turn plumbing fittings for several years and have had great luck with them.

Using these plastic plumbing fittings for a cottage plumbing repair eliminates the need to soder pipe, which is never easy while you are crawling around under a camp. There is a danger of catching the camp on fire, burning yourself, and it’s just plain awkward. That’s why I love these fittings.

Here is a picture of a 1/2 inch Push’N’Turn coupling.
plastic pipe fitting

Here is a picture of a 1/2 inch Push’N’Turn elbow.
"plastic plumbing fitting"

I made that sound a little easier than it was. I had to do a lot of crawling in and out from under the camp to get “stuff” and I had a little bit of trouble getting the connections tight, but eventually it all came together, thankfully.

It’s great to have the cottage plumbing finished, the water hooked up for another season, like the start of the summer cottage season to come.

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