Automatic Freeze and Temperature Alarm

Automatic Freeze Alarm and Temperature Alarm

During the winter it would be nice to have our cottage winterized, enabling us to use it whenever we wanted and have the usual amenities, like running water, flush toilets, showers etc. Particularly now that we are able to go whenever we want, it would be nice to have the comforts of home.

Keeping The Heat On

Of course that means we’d need to have a heating system, such as electric heat or an oil furnace, that would run constantly, without us having to be there. However, whenever you have a system working like that, there is always the risk of something happening that can cause problems. For example a power failure or running out of heating oil. The power goes out, the furnace shuts down and in no time you are in danger of having your cottage “freeze up” Frozen water pipes generally split, and when they do, running water pours out. It can be disasterous.

Water Freeze Ups Can Be Expensive and Messy

In camps where you have a water pump, provided the pump switch is off, only water in the pipes will pour out, of course that in itself can be enough to make a mess. If the pump is on, or you are on municipal water, or a gravity fed system, it would be possible for water to continue to pour from the split pipes until someone shuts it off. That can be disaster spelled with a capital “D”

All Is Not Lost

However, all is not lost. Just like home security systems there are automatic home freeze alarm and temperature alarm systems that can be programmed to contact you if the temperature drops. Hopefully that will give you a chance to either get there yourself, or contact someone nearby who can go check on things and take whatever action is needed to get the temperature back up and avoid frozen pipes.

It’s a bit of a gamble…first of all you’d need to either be flexible with your own time, and able to head to the camp on a moment’s notice, in any kind of weather, or have someone living nearby setup with a key enabling them to check on things when needed. That’s assuming they never go on vacation, get sick, or turn their phone off….

Freeze Alarm Might Be A Good Investment

If you live close to your cottage and are free to travel whenever necessary, a freeze alarm might be a good investment, and enable you to leave the water and heat on at your place all the time, so you can enjoy year round cottage fun.

Automatic Dial-Out Power Failure and Freeze Monitor

The first is this Automatic Dial-Out Power Failure and Freeze Monitor from Reliance Controls Company.

This model, lists for $99.99 can be programed to call up to 3 phone numbers when power fails or when temperatures drop below 45 degrees farenheit in your home, cabin or cottage.

Automatic Dial-Out Freeze Alarm Monitor

The next Automatic Dial-Out Freeze Monitor also from Reliance Controls lists for $74.99. It automatically calls up to 5 programmed phone numbers when temperatures drop below 42 degrees farhenheit. The keypad base unit plugs into the phone line and an electrical outlet and uses an internal temperature sensor monitors the temperature in your cottage.

Battery Backup

If the power fails, don’t worry, this freeze alarm monitor has a battery backup and a built in 110dB alarm for local alert. It identifies the problem with a tone alarm when the call is answered and will call each number up to five times during an alarm condition.


Control Products Freeze Alarm

The third freeze alarm is the Control Products Freeze Alarm This freeze alarm is a little more pricey than the above two. It has similiar features, for example, it automatically calls up to 3 phone numbers when the temperature gets out of range, the power goes out, or if the back-up battery needs replacing.

Call Into The System

But this freeze alarm also enables you to call into the system yourself and check the current temperature, whether the power is on or off, or the voltage of the backup battery. This model freeze alarm continuously calls all 3 phone numbers and gives a voice warning of what the actual problem.

The Control Products freeze alarm is also quite customizable. You can set it up to notify you about an increase or decrease in the temperature, a power failure, or a low battery. With this automatic freeze alarm you can set the number of times the phone will ring before the FreezeAlarm tries another number, and set the number of times it will call until you answer.

This freeze alarm can be set to be quite sensitive, notifying you as soon as the temp sensor senses a change above or below your setting point. If the temperatures fluctuate often, you can also set it up to notify you after a sustained temperature drop of forty-five minutes.

As I said, this is the creme de la creme freeze alarm, however it comes at a price, this model sells on Amazon for $150.94

A good freeze alarm is not particularly cheap, however the peace of mind is hard to put a price on, and the cost of repairing water damage from freezing pipes can be substantially more than the price of an alarm.

Automatic Freeze Alarm

Reliance Controls Automatic Dial-Out Power Failure and Freeze Monitor – $99.99

Reliance Controls Automatic Dial-Out Freeze Monitor – $74.99

Control Products Freeze Alarm – $150.94

Control Products HS-700 Freeze Alarm – $77.51

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