Replacement Outboard Motor Gas Tank

Outboard motor gas tanks are generally made of steel, strong and durable, able to last forever. But sometimes stuff happens to them, they get stolen, the rust out, particularly around the cover or under the fuel gauge. For all intents and purposes outboard motor gas tanks last forever, but stuff happens…
If the gas tank for your outboard motor goes missing, starts to leak or just looks bad, what do you do? Well…the easy thing to do is buy a new outboard motor and get a new gas tank with it…However, the cheapest thing to do is buy a replacement outdoor motor gas tank for your outboard motor. Like this one:

This replacement outboard motor gas tank comes with a mechanical direct sight gauge with an easy-to-read indicator. The new design of Five OceansĀ“ outboard motor gas tanks virtually eliminates fuel evaporation and loss by containing fuel vapor within the tank instead of venting it wastefully to the atmosphere. You can find out more about this replacement outboard motor gas tank here: Marine 6 Gallon Reinforced Portable Fuel Gas Tank W/gauge

If you are shopping from the United States, here’s the one for you….

Moeller A/D Portable Fuel Tank with Handle (6.5-Gallon)

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