Tubbs Snowshoes

Our Cottage Chronicles Camping Editor, Camper Kim Dares recently tried getting outdoors in winter on snowshoes. It was a new experience for Kim and she tells us about it here

Tubbs Snowshoe Review

Recently I had the opportunity to get outdoors in winter and go snowshoeing throughout Gatineau Park in Quebec.
Not having ever been on a snowshoe hike, I didn’t own a pair of snowshoes, but I was able to rent a pair of snowshoes to use on a guided tour through the park.

This was my first experience snowshoeing experience and although I was let down to find out the shoes available for rental were not of the “old school” variety I was impressed with the quality of the shoes.

I had imagined myself trekking across the snow covered hills on a pair of wooden snowshoes with rawhide ties and webbing, like an early fur trapper.

However, those days are few and far between now and while the wood crafted snowshoes are still available and in use by many folks, these days aluminum snowshoes are taking over as the snowshoe of choice.

The snowshoes we rented were Tubbs Snowshoes. The tour guide gave us a quick tutorial on how to wear the snowshoes over our boots. The clasps were easy to manipulate and the straps adjusted to fit over my hefty hiking boots without any difficulty.

It was a frosty day in the park so it was great that the shoes could be easily fastened. If you have never been on snowshoes before there is a little bit of an adjustment that occurs as you become familiar with having giant aluminum ovals attached to your feet.

We walked on the backs of each other’s snowshoes a few times before adjusting our pace and learning to keep the proper distance from the person in front of us.
Tubbs Snowshoes

The feeling is probably comparable to that of skis but I’ve never been skiing so this is based on speculation.

The crampons (metal claws underneath the ball of your feet) made manoeuvring through icy snow easy. Even steep downhills were easy to manoeuvre if you trust the crampon to dig in.

The Tubbs Snowshoes were lightweight and sturdy in construction. Snow didn’t collect on the top of the shoes thanks to several cut outs in the top which reduced physical strain.

We snowshoed for about two hours and I expected to feel the burn in my legs afterwards (fitness isn’t really my thing!), but it wasn’t near as bad as expected.

Showshoeing is a great way to get active in the Winter. It’s fun, easy and if you look for rental opportunities or tours in your area it can even be inexpensive!

Tubbs Snowshoes

Tubbs Snowshoes was founded in Norway, Maine in 1906 and have become the leading manufacturer of lightweight snowshoes for men, women and children.

Tubbs Snowshoes are now based in Seattle Washington and continue to lead the snowshoe industry.

Tubbs Snowshoes have been worn by members of Admiral Bird’s expedition to Antartica as well as modern day adventurers, including snowshoe racers. Tubbs makes snowshoes for any terrain and snow conditions. You can learn more about Tubbs Snowshoes on their website here: Tubbs Snowshoes

Snowshoes For Women

Tubbs Snowshoes make snowshoes for any outdoor adventure and have taken great pains to design snowshoes for women, such as the Tubbs Women’ s Wilderness Snowshoe with features that make these snowshoes a must have for the outdoorswoman.
Tubbs Womens Xplore Snowshoe
The Tubbs Women’s Wilderness Snowshoe has a Fit-Step Frame that is designed with a slightly upturned, rounded tail that reduces muscular skeletal impact on the hip, knee, and ankle joints by 10 percent.

The Rotating Toe Cord design enables the tail of the snowshoe to drop and snow to shed off the tail, reducing cardio-respiratory strain by 7 percent. The underfoot pivot point also allows the toe traction teeth to bite deeply into the snow when weighted.

Tubbs Snowshoes have carbon steel toe and heel crampons that feature front and rear braking teeth for a secure grip uphill, downhill, and side hill in packed snow conditions, designed to keep you upright on any kind of backwoods terrain, even if it is your first time on snowshoes.

In addition, Tubbs Snowshoes have a Quick Fit binding that leverages Tubbs proprietary Control Wing technology and features a trouble-free single pull system for easy adjustment to a wide array of mens and womens boot sizes and styles.

Tubbs SoftTec decking provides durable, lightweight flotation.

Women’s-Specific Design: Tubbs women’s-specific snowshoes are lighter in weight, feature ergonomically tapered frame shapes for ease of stride, and offer custom fit women’s-specific bindings sized and scaled from a woman’s boot in sizes 5-11.

You can order a pair of Tubbs Women’s Wilderness Snowshoe from Amazon here:Tubbs Women’ s Wilderness Snowshoe

Visit Tubbs Snowshoes website here: Tubbs Snowshoes

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