Renting An RV For Camping

These days the options for camping are almost unlimited, with so many types and styles of vehicles, motorhomes, trailers, even tents.

RV Camping

I suppose because I have always come to a cottage for summer vacations is the reason I have always had a bit of a fascination with the other side of camping. That is traveling around the country RV Camping, in a recreational vehicle, (RV) such as a motorhome or truck and camper.

I always picture myself sitting up the cab of a big recreational camping vehicle, like a motorhome, singing Tommy Hunter’s signature song, “I Am A Traveling Man“.
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Renting An RV

One option is renting an RV and going RVing to give it a try before you make a decision to buy an RV. Renting an RV is an excellent way to see if you will enjoy driving one, backing it up and navigating city streets etc. The best part is, renting an RV is not as expensive as you might think, and when you factor in the savings on hotel rooms and restaurant meals you won’t have to buy, a recreational vehicle can become even more affordable.

If you share similar thoughts, there is lots to learn about RV Camping at Go RVing Canada They have a great website with lots of useful information for both new and experienced RV camping folks. The website and related organization consists of RV manufacturers, component suppliers, dealers and campgrounds, who, as members of the recreational vehicle industry are “committed to the growth of the RV market, while working as a team to ensure that Canadian RVers experience the best of the RV lifestyle and enjoy a world-class travel experience.”

Here are some interesting facts about the recreational vehicle industry provided by Go RVing Canada

Starting at just $6,000, there’s an RV for everyone
14% of Canadian households own an RV
There are over 1,000,000 RVs on the road in Canada
67% of RV owners are under the age of 55.
40% of RV families have children
Studies show there is up to a 70% saving during an RV vacation vs. a traditional vacation
Many RVs can be used throughout the year
Price range of an overnight full-service campground stay – $25 – $45
90% of owners say it is the best way to travel with kids
90% of RVers say seeing the country is their top priority

While we are on the topic of camping, here are some helpful tips from Colorado Camping: Top Ten Camping Rules of a Responsible Camper

And speaking of Tommy Hunter, here he is singing, “Travellin Man”

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