First Camping Trip

Getting ready for that first camping trip of the season is exciting, but there is a lot to consider. The weather for one, since it’s hard to predict exactly where the temperature will fall at night. There is also the issue of making sure the gear is still in good working order after spending the past few months in storage.

What To Pack For Camping

To simplify life a little, here’s a break-down of the major things you should have as you pack for the first camping trip of the year:

Shelter: Tent, Tarps, Pegs & Mallet, Ropes

Sleeping: Sleeping Bags, Pillows, Extra Blankets, Air mattresses or ThermaRests and pumps.

Eating: Table cloth & clamps, Cutlery, Utensils, Cups, Plates, Bowls, Can & Bottle openers

Cooking: Stove & Fuel, Lighter, Pots & Pans with lids, Cutting Board & Knives, Serving Dishes, Cooler, Scissors

Clean Up: Dish Cloths & Wash Bin, Dish Soap, Disinfectant Wipes, Garbage bags

Hygiene: Shower towers & face cloths, shampoo & soap, baby wipes, toothbrush & toothpaste, sunscreen & fly dope, Clothesline rope & pins

Campfire: Chairs, Roasting Sticks, Fire lighting tools (lighter, newspaper, cardboard, waterproof matches), Fire Shovel

Safety & Comfort: Flashlights & extra batteries, fully stocked First Aid Kit, Extra water & purification supplies (if necessary), Citronella Candles. Don’t forget your prescription medications as well.

Food Essentials: Ice, Salt & Pepper, Condiments, Milk, Granola Bars & Fruit

Recreation: Frisbee, Kites, Fishing Gear, Balls, Pool Toys, Books, Crank or Battery Powered Radio.

Check Your Gear

It’s important to check all your camping gear before you head out. Air out the tent, sleeping bags & blankets. Make sure air mattresses are free of holes and sleeping bag zippers work. Give camping dishes a quick wipe down and make sure there’s enough for everyone going on the trip.

Check the camping stove and make sure your have enough fuel to get you through and that you have a means to store it safely. Be sure the First Aid Kit is stocked and replace anything you may have used during previous trips!

Pack For The Weather

Depending on when you plan on going, your clothing needs may vary a little. Layering is essential in the Spring and even on those chillier summer nights. Long johns, a hat & mittens can go a long way on sitting by the fire late into the night.

Check the weather forecast for the area and dates when you will be camping and include the clothes that you will need for the forecast. Remember, it is easier to get cool than get warm, ensure you have something warm to wear.

Camping Tents

When it comes to camping tents, it pays to go a little bigger than you need so you have somewhere to store things out of the weather and still have room to sleep.

Pack extra’s of everything, nothing is worse that getting caught in a rain storm and realizing you don’t have another pair of pants or socks!

If you are low on space try rolling clothes rather than folding and stuff shoes with extra socks. Rain gear & sun hats are also essential to help protect you from the elements.

I recommend storing & transporting supplies in See-Through Storage Boxes as they keep things organized and are durable. To prevent leaving anything essential behind make a list and check things off as you load them into the car.

Patience and Enthusiasm

Bring an extra dose of patience, as if it’s your first camping trip in a while there will be some unexpected kinks to work out no matter how prepared you are!

Don’t forget to bring along you enthusiasm!! Nothing makes a camping trip more fun than having enthusiastic campers !!

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