10 Things You Don’t Want To Go Camping Without

Our Camping Editor, Kim Dares, has provided us with a useful list of tend things that you don’t want to go camping without. These are little items that will mean a lot on your camping trip, and help to make it more comfortable and fun for all.

Deck of Cards: No matter the number in your party a deck of Playing Cardscan provide a great distraction on a rainy day, entertainment by the campfire or a quiet activity if the sounds of nature wake you up earlier than you’d like.

Hatchet: At most campgrounds you can purchase firewood, but it is not always split as small as you like it. Sometimes there is an extra fee for kindling, but if you have your own small axe like this Estwing Sportsman’s Hatchet splitting the wood is easy.

Tablecloth & Clips: It may seem like a vanity item but nothing is less appealing than eating on a dirty picnic table. A Picnic Table Cloth
covers the dirt and wipes clean easily. To save yourself hassle and frustration, Table Cloth Clampsor weights are a great investment as they keep it secured to the table!

Rope: When camping you can really never have too much rope. It makes an easy clothesline, is necessary for hanging a tarp and comes in handy all over the place especially when things break! I like Glow-in-the-Dark Braided Poly Rope partially because it glows in the dark and you might not trip over it, and plus…well it’s cool…it glows!!

Rain gear: Even if the weather is calling for sunshine it is better to be prepared for the worst. When you are camping there isn’t a lot of opportunity to dry your clothes (or yourself) so it’s better to avoid getting soaked in the first place. A good rain suit like this Coleman Rain Suit, is a wonderful thing to have if the weather turns bad.

Small Broom & Dustpan: Once that tent is set up it becomes very clear how much dirt and bugs you left in there after your last trip. A handheld broom like this Broom and Dustpan will make short work of any mess inside and make it feel more comfortable.

Flip Flops: Bring an inexpensive pair of sandals to wear in the shower and on the pool deck as the floors can be pretty grimy and are in constant use. A pair of flip flops like theseHavaianas Flip Flop are perfect.

Baby Wipes: Whether you are travelling with or without kids, baby wipes come in handy all the time. If you are eating and get sticky hands you can wipe them off with ease, if it is hot during the day and you want to freshen they are great for that. Sometimes soap and a facecloth aren’t an option and that is when Johnson’s Baby Hand and Face Wipesare your best friend!

Books or Magazines: On a rainy afternoon having something to read can save your sanity. Pick up a couple of the latest best sellers such as Shadow of Night: A Novel by Deborah Harkness or Wicked Business: A Lizzy and Diesel Novel by Janet Evanovich for some entertainment on a rainy afternoon at the campground.

Sunscreen: These days one thing you don’t want to leave home without, whether camping or just going outdoors is a good sunscreen like Eltamd UV Clear SPF 46to protect you from the sun’s dangers.

In addition to the above, don’t go camping without bug spray, pillows, tarps for rain protection, matches or a lighter, propane or camp fuel for your stove and lights, a few flashlights with extra batteries and the appropriate bedding/sleeping bags for the temperature during your camping trip.

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