Waterfront Elevators

In some cottage situations a waterfront elevator is not a luxury, it’s a necessity. The good news is, although they are not cheap, there are lots of elevators to choose from. Yup, there is a waterfront elevator for you if you need it.

Waterfront Elevators

Ya know…the older we get the higher the hills…That can be a problem, but not at the cottage, nope, because you can always install waterfront elevators !!
Now don’t get me wrong, not everyone needs waterfront elevators to get back and forth to their waterfront. In fact, most cottagers don’t.

But there are some cottages and some locations, where the camp is built up high, and the bank to the water is quite steep, making ascent and descent taxing to say the least. Sometimes it can be downright dangerous. Building and maintaining a set of stairs on a steep slope can be tricky too, because often the ground beneath the stairs is not stable, suffering from the effects of erosion and loose ground, not to mention steep stairways.

The Good News

The good news, and there is always some good news, you are not the only one with this kind of property. Infact, a good many cottage properties are built high on hills overlooking the water, with long, steep distances between the cottage and the water. Because of that, there are companies who make waterfront lifts and waterfront elevators specifically for cottagers.

Accumar Corporation

One of those companies is theAccumar Corporation who build cable and track lifts designed for traversing steep hillsides for high bank waterfront homes and cottages.

Accumar Corporation have lifts that can provide access to and from your cottage, haul your supplies up the hill, even provide handicap access. Adding a good lift to a high bank waterfront cottage will improve the value of the cottage and make your life easier when you are there.

Lifts Instead of Tracks

One of the ways that Accumar does this is with “lifts” that span the steep waterfront slope using cables. This results in less construction and destruction of the hillside because there is no need for tracks to be installed. These lifts have a landing at the top and bottom that is anchored in place, helping to make them blend into the landscape and shoreline. A plus when it comes to approvals and waterfront properties.

Track Based and Cable Based Lifts

There are track based elevators and cable based elevators, each has their purpose, and it depends on your particular slope and situation. If you are considering installing some form of waterfront elevator or lift, talk to some of the suppliers in your area and find out what they can offer for your cottage.


Waterfront lifts and elevators don’t come cheap. Depending on the height to be climbed, the terrain and the type of system you choose, be prepared to spend thousands of dollars, probably tens of thousands of dollars. These are not inexpensive.

On the other hand, if you are loading the family into some kind of waterfront elevators or cable lift system you want to know it’s a good one and is safe. Don’t scrimp on money when it comes to purchasing any kind of waterfront elevator system for the cottage.

Permits and Approvals

In addition to purchase and installation costs for a waterfront elevator, you will require permits and approvals from a multitude of agencies, especially if installation involves work around the shoreline.

Installers who specialize in waterfront elevators should be able to explain the legal requirements for waterfront elevators to you and help you to obtain the necessary permits and approvals. If they can’t, find another company to install your waterfront elevators from etc.

Most lift systems, such as elevators, escalators and lifts are required to be inspected and certified each year as well as have regularly scheduled maintenance completed. Make sure there is someone qualified to perform the maintenance available and able to do the work at your cottage.

Yup…It all costs money.

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