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Instead of talking about tornadoes and political elections let’s turn our minds to something more pleasant, like spending an evening with friends at the cottage star gazing, listening to the loons call on the nearby lake and watching the flames dance and flicker in a comforting campfire.

We used to use beach rocks, and still do, to form a fire ring, or fire pit to keep the our camp fire in one place. However the beach rocks tend to crack and break during a hot fire, and sometimes can be dangerous if they “explode” and send shards towards anyone sitting nearby.

I had built a homemade fire pit out of beach rocks and some bricks and was quite proud of it. Unfortunately during a campfire with the neighbors to show off my newly constructed fire pit a tiny piece of rock broke off, flew out of the fire and struck a woman on the innner thigh, burning a hole in her slacks. A little too close for comfort….she was never all that happy with me after that happened.

Instead of rocks a metal fire ring fire pit is a safer way to go, or even better, this unique and eye-catching Landmann USA 28925 Ball of Fire Outdoor Fireplace

I have written about this attractive outdoor fire pit before but I feel compelled to do it again as in my opinion it’s just one of those “why didn’t I think of that?” items that I love.

The round design allows for all around, 360 degree viewing, and yet contains the fire in one place, making it safer than an open fire. It has a large pivoting door with a large handle for easy refueling and is made of sturdy steel construction with 30-inch-diameter firebowl. In total it measures 30-1/4 by 32-3/4 by 34-3/4 inches.

Perhaps what makes this outdoor fire pit most unique is the design. With a fire burning inside it looks like an actual “ball of fire” as it burns. You will be the talk of your cottage neighborhood and boats passing by on the lake at night will stop to take a closer look !!

Landmann USA 28925 Ball of Fire Outdoor FireplaceOutdoor Fire Pits)

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