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It’s a quirk of cottagers and camp owners that we like to name our cottages. Unlike homes in the city, which usually get a civic number and no particular ‘name’ cottages and camps often sport attractive signs giving the place a name, or in the parlance of modern large organizations and businesses, “a brand.”

These days companies pay big bucks to some media gurus to create a brand for their organization, which is essentially a name, a theme, a mindset, that the company will become known by.

Rather than let the public sort of figure out a brand for a company, they get out in front and brand it themselves first, with something they think will be good for the company image.
Cottagers and campers have been doing that for years and years, ever since the first camp was built on the shores of some forlorn north country lake in a pristine wilderness and we still do today.

Camps and Cottages Have Names

A personalized name and an eye-catching sign, give a camp or cottage some pizazz and keeps it in the memory of those who see it. For example, I can clearly see two wilderness camps who’s names have stuck with me for years, “Honeymoon Cabin” and “The Bells of St Mary’s” come to mind.

The Camp

Although I have tried to come up with a stylish name for our cottage, I keep coming back to what we have called it for years, since it’s inception really, “The Camp” and unfortunately, that is likely the only name it will ever have. It’s too late to try and change it now. Although I have come up with lots of names for a cottage, it is too late for me.

Besides, for all intents and purposes, it is a good camp name, simple, clear and easy to say and remember, except it isn’t very colorful and it leaves an impression of a place that it really isn’t anymore, it’s a bit more than a ‘camp’ these days.

However, a creative name and a sign on a cottage does give it some character, and adds to the look of our little hideaways in the woods and countryside.

A sign on your place can also help friends find you, and your country neighbors, even if they aren’t sure of your own name, will likely be able to direct visitors to a place if it has a memorable name and a sign to display it.

In fact, names for a cottage give can go a long way to making your place memorable and, well, locally famous.

With that in mind, here is a nice looking sign for cottages with a wood crafted attractive design you can personalize with your own name which gives it the little extra that you need. Personalized Wood Sign – COTTAGE BY THE SHORE

That is an attractive looking sign, one that can be personalized, and will look great on the side of your cabin. This next one is a little different in that it is molded from clay. It can hang indoors or out, but outdoors it should be in a protected area. This is called the Welcome to our Cottage sign.

If you like a little more rustic look for your camp, then the sign should be a little more ‘rustic’ looking too. In that case, a sign like this one, which is made from wood and features some woodsy, rustic styles. This is called the Hand-Crafted “Welcome To The Lake” Welcome Sign Plaque With Green Pine Trees And A Natural Wood Log Twig Look (Made Of Wood) 18″

Here is one I kind of like, although it isn’t really personalized, and I would think it should be hung indoors, it’s still a cool design, very eye-catching and camp suitable. This is the Antler “Welcome Friends” Welcome Sign with Birch Lettering

If you are ‘artsy’ or if you have a talent working with wood or metal, you can make your own sign, which in some cases is even better.

As I have often said, cottagers are ‘do it yourself’ types by nature, we like to be independent and when we can, do things around our little lakeshore hideaways ourselves. Some of those designs are the best of all. 

But if you are not the ‘handy with tools’ type of person, or if you like a more professional design, there are plenty to choose from, including this personalizable oval sign denoting your place as a ‘fishing camp’
You can order this sign, personalized with your name, Here!

What do you call your own wilderness camp or cottage? Does it have a name, perhaps a sign on the outside of the cabin, or at the end of your cottage road?

Names For A Cottage

Here are some cottage names that come to mind for me, some have come from other cottages I have seen or read about, others just seem like suitable names for camps and cottages.

Maybe they will spark and idea for you to name you camp or cottage. All you need to do to personalize the name is add your own to the first, like “Rob and Wendy’s Camp.” Try to keep it short, and descriptive, the shorter the better if you want folks to remember it.

Don’t worry to much about coming up with something odd or too unique, that can be too difficult for folks to remember, simple is always better. Here are the ones I came up with……
The Ponderosa
Gully Lake Cabin
Riverside Cottage
Salmon Jump Cabin
River Valley
Our Place
Our Hideaway
Jack’s Camp
Mule Deer Mountain
Whitetail Lodge
Moosehorn Cabin
Trouter’s Paradise
Pine Haven
Willyecomebac Lodge
By The Lake
Riverrock Cottage
Our Getaway
Dun Rovin
Partridge Hollow
Room With A View
Lost In The Woods
Mel and Mary’s Backcountry Hideout
Silent Waters Camp
Stillwater Cottage
Maplebud Lodge
Far From Home Cabin
Loon Cabin
Lone Moose Camp
Bull Horn Camp
Moose Horn Camp
Silvermoose Lodge
Duck Lake Cabin
Wild Goose Lodge
The Smith’s
The Jone’s Place
Birch Horn Lodge
Hidden Forest
Lost In The Wild Lodge
The Camp
Boater’s Lane Camp
Outhouse In The Back Camp
Gone Fishin’
Gone Huntin’
Big Rack Camp
Lunker Lodge
Silver Docktor Kamp (spelled like that)
Deepwoods Paradise
Two Guys and a Camp
See the Sea Cottage
Ocean’s Away
Surfside Camp
Wandernomore Camp
Grouse Hill Camp
DaffyDuck’s Camp
Backroads Cottage
Dunnoyou Cabin
Lost Loon Camp
The Looney Bin
Black Duck Chalet
Mountain View Camp
Chuck’s Lost Refuge
Tumbling Waters Camp
Eagleview Camp
Bald Eagle Lodge
Osprey Landing
Owlhoot Cabin
Buckjump Lodge
Little Beaver River Camp
DoubleTrouble Camp
Tattletale Lodge
Fishrun Cabin
Deepwoods Loft
Brokenhorn Camp
Lucky Lennie’s Fishing Camp
Loon Lake Castle (for the more pretentious cottagers)
Standing Spruce Cabin
PineAway Camp
Northern Nights Cottage
Y’allcomeback Camp
Trout Pool Camp
Leaping Silver Camp
Ripples In The Stream Camp
Rock Rapids Camp
Our Retreat
Birch Retreat
Moose Maple Camp
Spruce Run
Sweet Retreat Camp
Partridge Hollow
Black Bear Run
Aspen Lodge
Beer Bear Lodge
Dipnet Cove
Trout Cove Camp
Trouter’s Retreat
Whitetail Chase Lodge
Aspens Edge Camp
Summers Here Camp
Deepinthewoods Lodge
Hidin Here Camp
Summer Sunset Resort
Shimmering Waters
Bud’s Bide-away
Hilltop Views
Eagle Cliff
Osprey Nest
Next Stop Heaven
Heaven’s Here
Heaven Can Wait
Heaven’s Trail Camp
Lodge Pole Camp
Ocean’s Away Cottage
Green Garden Cottage
Pine Tree Top Lodge
Loose Moose Camp
Foggy Point Camp
Rocky Point Camp
Deep Waters Camp
Tails Away Hunting Camp
Coyote Run Camp
Wolf Cry Lodge
Pheasant Valley Camp
Goose Grease Retreat
Whispering River Retreat
Bubbly Brook Camp
Moose Call Camp
Coyote Gulper Camp
Moosey Inn
Mosey In
Bighorn Camp
Rainbow Trout Run
Float Yer Boat Camp
Wild Berry Cottage

This is starting to hurt my head, it’s not easy to think on a Sunday morning…..

So….there is my kick at the cottage cabin name thingy, what do you think, can you come up with some more? What do you call your wilderness hideaway?.

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  1. As my name is Sandra and it’s my castle. I got with SandCastle.
    A lot of people use a portion of their names. My parents camp is Mac’s Shack. I notice I have cousins such as Lonesome Larry whose cottage is Mac’s Manor. They must be the more elite side of the family.

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