Fire Ring

A fire ring is a great way to safely have an outdoor fire at the cottage. And, a fire ring looks good in the yard, helps to keep the yard neat and tidy and compared to other campfire devices they are an inexpensive way to enjoy a nice campfire.

A fire ring keeps your campfires to a manageable size, large enough for a good fire, but not too large. The round design of the fire ring enables 360 degree viewing of the fire and the cutouts on the side offer a pretty view of the flames.

These days outdoor fireplaces come in many different shapes and sizes. This
Landmann USA 28326 Big Sky Fire Ring, Wildlife is constructed of sturdy
4 mm cast iron, metal construction and finished in black with your choice of either a wildlife cut-out motif or a stars and moon cutout motif.
"fire ring"
In addition the Landmann comes with a full size enamel cooking grate included that has a swing arm and wood handle.

When the campfire season ends, you can take the Landmann fire ring apart into five pieces that are easy to store for the off season.

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