Tree Trimmers

Good tree trimmers are a handy addition to your cottage tools. A quality tree trimmer will help you trim unwanted or unnecessary branches without having to climb a ladder or a tree. Every cottager needs a tree trimmer.

Tree Trimmers

There was a time when I was quite brutal with a chainsaw. By that I mean, trimming trees was not on the agenda, if a tree got too big, or had branches touching the camp, the tree was…well…history. If it interfered with the view of the lake, well….I was cutting down trees like Marshall Dillion cut down the bad guys. Mere tree pruning, just removing a few branches, sounded kind of..well…silly.

But I have aged, and with that, comes wisdom. Well, actually it just means that I now know older wiser guys who tell me how to do stuff. Like old Lonesome Larry and Alleghany Al…old guys…great resources around the camp…if you can get them awake.

These days I prefer pruning the offending branches, rather than killing the entire tree, and I also prefer standing on the ground instead of swinging from a skyhook with a chainsaw in my hand. Yes, I have come to realize how useful extendable tree trimmers are around the cottage.
"fiskars tree pruner"
A tree pruner/tree trimmer lets you get rid of the ladder and cut branches while you are on the ground.

No climbing trees or ladders, no swinging from ropes. With a decent tree trimmer you can reach those higher branches and cut them off easily and dare I say, safely, safer than hanging off of a ladder cutting the branches with one hand on a chainsaw. Or, as you can see in this picture, you can end up balancing on a backhoe bucket with a chainsaw while the operator raises you up to cut some branches. Fun, but wrong on so many levels….
"man on backhoe bucket"
What you need is a 14 or 16 foot tree pruner. 14 foot tree trimmers will get you up to the branches quite easily and be easy to handle at the same time. A tree loper longer than 16 foot is probably going to be a little too difficult to handle.

There are lots of versions of tree trimmers from simple saw blades on a extendable pole, to more elaborate tree pruner rigs that use a rope or lever to cut through smaller branches.

You can purchase pole-mounted chainsaws in gas and electric that can be used for pruning tree branches. I cannot help but think that they sound inherently dangerous…a chainsaw on a stick…wow….
"Fiskars tree pruner"
Fiskars makes tree trimmers that use Power-Lever technology that multiples your strength, making it very easy to cut through branches up to 1-1/8-inches in diameter with just a tug of the rope using a non-stick blade. For larger branches, you can use the 15-inch Woodzig® saw blade.

You can learn more about the Fiskars tree trimmers here: Fiskars 9301 Power-Lever 14-Foot Tree Pruner

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