Camp Journals

One of the small delights of cottage life is maintaining a Camp Journal
It doesn’t have to be anything elaborate, just a notebook or diary type of book where you can write the date and what you’ve been doing at the camp.

A camp journal is great for recording special events, things that happened at the camp, visitors, camp fires, the weather, the results of fishing trips, improvements to the cottage etc.

camps are great places for keeping a journal, and journals are also great for keeping track of things like when you last had the septic tank pumped out, when the hummingbirds arrived in the Spring, or other wildlife you spotted.

We’ve been keeping a camp journal since Saturday May 1, 1993 when Wendy gave me one as a present. It’s a joy to look through and remember things that happened in the past years.

I have to be honest, since I began the The Cottage Chronicles I have become kind of lax-a-dasical about keeping the journal up to date, which annoys me. My updates have been sporadic at best, and the last entry is April 15,2012. I’ve dug it out tonight and made a silent resolution to update it tonight and keep it updated from here on forward.

How about you? Do you keep a camp journal? How do you remember to keep it updated?

If you haven’t got a camp journal, here’s one with 160 blank pages just waiting for you to update and record the memories you make at your camps and cottages. You can order it from Amazon: Camp Journal

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