Barn Building Kit

Camps and cottages are often the recipient of a lot of “stuff”. The things you accumulate over time, and when something gets replaced at your house in the city, the old item usually ends up at the camp.

Unfortunately in many camps, there is not a lot of room for accumulated stuff. That’s when you need to add some storage space, usually in the form of a small out building or shed.
If you are anything like me, your handyman skills are not exactly at the master craftsman level. I’m more of a cross between Red Green and Canada’s Worst Handyman.

So when I see something that looks like it might make things a little easier, I cannot help but notice. In this case, I am talking about a Fast Barn Framing Kit

With a barn building kit, you use straight-cut 2 x 4s throughout. No angles to cut! No lost time!

Your storage barn will go up lightning fast, because the galvanized steel bases and angle brackets make framing do-it-yourself easy. That is the advantage of using a barn building kit instead of building it from scratch.
Kit includes 12 base plates and 40 angle brackets. Angle brackets speed attaching studs to rafters and rafters to ridgepole.

Order one framing kit for a 7 x 8 barn; two kits for a 8 x 14 barn; three kits for a 10 x 22 barn. Complete with plans and materials list. Of course you realize the lumber is not included.

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