Pleasure Craft Operator Licence

Pleasure Craft Operator Card

I love it when things work like they say they will work. In this case, it is the online boater exam I recently completed. I took the course through (see their advertisement on this page)

As I mentioned in my previous post about the boater course, it was straight forward, interesting and not as difficult as you might imagine. All boaters in Canada are required to have a Pleasure Craft Operators Licence, or risk a substantial fine for operating a boat or personal watercraft without one.

When I completed the test and passed, I ordered two of the pleasure craft operator card because I have a tendency to misplace things. They arrived Friday, just like clockwork, the completion of a very well done process.

If you’re a boater or plan to become a boater, now is the time to complete the online course and get yourself certified so you will be ready for boating season. There is no time like the present.

As I mentioned, this is not nearly as daunting as it might sound. The lessons prepare you for the exam at the end, and it is an open book type exam, and you are not required to have someone monitor you while you are taking the exam. You can complete it in the comfort of your own home on your personal computer or laptop.

If you haven’t taken the course and obtained your Pleasure Craft Operators Licence, do it now, the cost of the course is minimal, especially compared to the fine you may get if you get caught operating your boat without one.

I you’re still not sure, try the sample quiz I posted here: Boater Quiz

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