Evinrude 15 Horsepower Outboard Motor

Evinrude 15 Horsepower Outboard Motor

Around the camp we have a 14 foot Springbok boat powered by a Evinrude 15 HP Outboard Motor. I think the boat engine is a 1980 model year. Made by Outboard Marine Corporation, OMC, It’s been and continues to be, a great little motor.

The little Evinrude 15 HP Outboard Motor provides plenty of power with two people in the boat, trolls nicely for fishing, and has the “get up and go” to get us home when we have caught our limit.

But it’s getting old….so is the 1978 9.9 Evinrude that I also have around the camp for our ‘back-up’ boat.

I have to say that both of these Evinrude fishing outboard motors have been great outboard motors. In fact, I can’t say that enough, peppy and fuel efficient, and very dependable. What more could a small boater ask for?

In terms of speed, the 9.9 horsepower pales in comparison to the Evinrude 15 Horsepower Outboard Motor on my 14 foot boat, but it still has the power to get the boat up on plane. These outboards were also sold under the Johnson Outboard name as well.

Plenty of Power In A Small Package

One of the things that makes these little outboards so attractive is that there is plenty of power in a small lightweight package. I like that because I often take the motor off the boat for storage, in fact until summer hits, and we are at the cottage more often, I take mine on and off the boat each weekend to keep it out of sight of thieves.

However, I am always on the lookout for an upgrade. It was bad news for me when OMC ran into financial hardship and shut down back in 2000.

I figured it was the end of the line for Evinrude and Johnson. The company indicated the reasons for their difficulties were increasing regulations from the Environmental Protection Agency and falling sales.

Well that is probably true, but I think one reason was they made too good a product…they last too long. Infact, it appears the little outboards just keep going and going…..

Bombardier Buys Evinrude

But then good news happened, Bombardier purchased the company and started to rebuild it and it’s been working. The Evinrude and Johnson boat motor names live on, and are going through a resurgence in popularity.

Evinrude High Output 15 Horsepower High Output Outboard Motor

Among the line-up of new outboards, the company is now producing what they call the Evinrude High Output 15 Horsepower High Output outboard motor. It’s not a 4 cycle, it’s a 2 cycle, technically referred to as a 35.2 cubic inch inline 2-Cylinder E-TEC DI engine. The new Evinrude 15 H.O. provides 15 horsepower at 5500 rpm’s and is available in electric start, rope start and tiller or remote steering.

These Evinrude outboards also have a power tilt feature that I think would be great to have on a small outboard. Being able to trim the boat at planing speed really helps to get the best performance from an outboard or for that matter inboard engine.

The new Evinrude E-Tec looks like a great outboard engine to me. Lately I have been thinking a new outboard motor would be nice to have, but figured my choices would be limited to either a Mercury outboard or perhaps a Honda or Suzuki. Knowing that Evinrude is still in the picture is good news.

Versatile Horsepower

When it comes to a versatile horsepower for some fishing and some pleasure cruising, it is a tricky balance. My old 25 horsepower outboard was great for cruising, but not so good for trolling when we are trout fishing as it would only go so slow. The 15 HP Evinrude we use these days is more than adequate for cruising with two people, and has the ability to slow down nicely for trolling for trout in the Spring.

I like to see how things play out, so I will be following these outboards for awhile and see what kind of reviews they receive. Although a new outboard would be nice, I probably will look for a slightly used outboard motor first.

I’d love to hear from you if you have one of these Evinrude engines to hear how you like or dislike it. Is a 15 horsepower fast enough for a cottage runabout boat?

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