Coleman Outboard Motors

Learn Something New Everyday

Ya know…I learn something new almost everyday. For example, did you know that Coleman, famous for camping gear, lanterns etc, also makes outboard motors? You did? Why am I always the last to know? I gotta get out more….

Coleman Outboard Motors

Coleman has a line of smaller outboard motors, from 2.6 horsepower up to 15 horsepower outboard motors, and they aren’t bad looking outboard motors at all, and the pricing is pretty competitive if you ask me.

Competitive Pricing

For example, as of this posting, you can purchase the 9.9 HP Coleman outboard from Glen’s Army Navy Outdoor Store for $1899.95 but right now, they are on sale, buy one for $1569.95.
"Coleman outboard motor"

Coleman Products

I have to admit, while I am familar with Coleman camping products, and have nothing but good things to say about them, I have never seen one of the Coleman Outboard Motors in person. However, I like the sound of their features, and they seem quite comparable with other outboard motors.


These Coleman Outboard Motors are four-stroke, OHV liquid-cooled motors with F-N shifting with 360° steering for easier maneuvering in tight quarters and CDI ignition system and large recoil wheel for trouble-free starting. They are constructed of high grade, corrosion-resistant marine aluminum alloy.

The 15 HP and 9.9 HP Coleman outboard motors have twist-grip throttles on the tiller, adjustable steering friction, an oil gauge indicator, shallow water drive, start-in-gear protection and a system to reduce vibration. They weigh about 112 pounds which is typical for a four-stroke outboard motor in these horsepower ranges.


Coleman stand behind their outboard motors with a full one year warranty and 1200 authorized service centers in North America.

Internal Fuel Tank

The Coleman Outboard Motors have an internal fuel tank that is designed to allow you to run for more than an hour on full throttle. Personally, that doesn’t turn me on, I would need an auxillary fuel tank of at least five gallons. I don’t want to be having to stop and fill the gas tank during an afternoon on the water. That shouldn’t be a problem because these motors are equipped with an external gas tank connection.


Having to purchase an auxillary gas tank and hose etc will add to the cost of the purchasing Coleman Outboard Motors, keep that in mind when you are comparing Coleman Outboard Motors with other outboard motors.

The second caution I offer is parts and service. I am not sure of the availability of parts and service is in regards Coleman Outboard Motors. First of all, there is a question of where they are actually made and by whom. It could be the same company that makes Parsun Outboards, they are out of China, but don’t quote me on that, I am not sure.

I think I would look long and hard at the other outboard motor manufacturers offerings before buying one of these, compare prices, service and parts availability etc. You may find that the others are not that much more expensive, especially factoring in the cost of purchasing a separate gas tank over and above the purchase price of a Coleman Outboard Motors.

You can find out more about these outboard motors at their website here: Coleman Outboard Motors

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