Anchor Buddy Boat Mooring System

Boat Mooring

I usually keep the pontoon boat tied to the wharf at the camp. I prefer that to an offshore mooring because it makes boarding and unboarding the boat easy. Certainly easier than an offshore mooring which usually requires either a small boat “tender” to get back and forth to shore or you need to be able to wade or swim to your boat.

Mooring A Boat Offshore

However, there are times when being able to moor a boat offshore is a good thing. Perhaps you are getting a heavy onshore wind, and your boat is bouncing hard against your dock.

During late summer, when water levels drop, you may want to moor your boat offshore in deeper water. Low lake water levels can make bringing a large speedboat or pontoon boat into shore hard on the hull.

Anchor Buddy

"anchor buddy system"
Depending on what your boating activities entail, you may want to moor your boat off the shore while you camp on shore, or have a picnic. In that circumstance, and for other permanent moorings, there is a piece of equipment you can use.

The boat mooring system I am talking about is called theAnchor Buddy Anchor Line

Permanent or Temporary Mooring

Essentially the Anchor Buddy boat mooring system is a long bungee cord that allows you to anchor your boat off the shore. It’s pretty simple to use.

You drop anchor about 30 feet out from shore, using Anchor Buddy as your anchor line. Typically the anchor line is attached to the stern of the boat, allowing you to head for shore bow first. But you can tie off from either bow or stern depending on your individual circumstances.

Boat Anchor or Permanent Mooring Anchor

You can use Anchor Buddy with your boat anchor or with a permanent mooring anchor and buoy system, where you attach Anchor Buddy to the buoy, which is attached to your permanent mooring.

As you head ashore with your boat, the anchor line stretches, (from 14′ – 50′) while your anchor stays set. Once ashore, you take your bow line and pay it out. As you do, the Anchor Buddy line retracts, pulling the boat back offshore, where it remains anchored.

Tie your bow line to something secure on shore, and you are all set. All you do is use the shore line to pull your boat in when you want to get back aboard.

Here is a picture of how it works. Step 1
"anchor buddy boat mooring system"

And Step 2
"anchor buddy"

Pretty simple setup. I think the Anchor Buddy is a good system, particularly for short term off the shore mooring when you want to keep your boat offshore but be able to easily get back and forth from shore to boat and boat to shore.

More Information About Anchor Buddy

Buy Anchor Buddy from Amazon, $24.99 Click Here:Anchor Buddy Anchor Line

Here are some additional contacts for Anchor Buddy if you are unable to get one through Amazon.

Kimpex 819-472-3326

Overton’s 800-334-6541

West Marine 800-262-8464

The Anchor Buddy Company:Anchor Buddy Company Website

Leeroy Wisner has also written about Anchor Buddy on his website. I find LeeRoy’s posts always helpful. Check it out here: Near Shore Mooring

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2 thoughts on “Anchor Buddy Boat Mooring System”

  1. Simply drop anchor about 30’ out, proceed to shore, and Anchor Buddy stretches, while your anchor stays set. As you pay out your bow line, Anchor Buddy retracts, anchoring your boat safely offshore. Also works great for anchoring in rough water.

  2. Saves my gel coat by allowing me to anchor and vist nearby islands without having to beach my boat. Wish I would have bought one last season.

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