10 Things For Boaters and Boater Safety

Yup, you guessed it, I am on another list kick…I love making lists of stuff, especially things I would love to own or do. In this case I thought it might be useful to create a list of ten great things for boaters with an emphasis on boating safety. There are items that you are required to have aboard your boat, depending on the size and type of boat and where you use it. This list is not a reflection of those things, this is a list of things that you will find useful to have aboard your own boat while keeping boating safety in mind.

1) Power Boating For Dummies

2) Davis Instruments Key Buoy If you ever drop your keys overboard you will understand why having one of these is so important. This will keep you boat keys afloat to give you a chance to recover them.

3) Classic Accessories Marine Safety Kit

4) Kwik Tek PWCD-2 PWC Dock Lines With Snap Hooks 2 Pack You can never…ever…have enough rope around boats….

5) Kwik Tek P-3 Telescoping Paddle With Boat Hook (24-Inches – 72-Inches) If your boat doesn’t have two oars and oarlocks, it is a good idea to have a paddle, in fact two of them. It may not be fun, but being able to paddle home if your outboard motor breaks down, you will be glad you have them. These are telescoping so they can be easily stored out of the way until they are needed. In terms of boating safety, I never leave the dock without a couple of paddles or oars, depending on the boat I am using.

6) Ritchie Navigation Sport Compass Marine (Black) Even on a small lake a compass can be helpful, but on a large lake if it gets foggy, a compass will be a lifesaver when it comes to finding your way back to the wharf. Of course it goes without saying that you need to know what direction is home….Use your compass to figure that out when it isn’t foggy, someday you might be glad you did. It is a matter of boating safety to have a compass and know how to read it. Being lost in the fog is not fun, particularly on the ocean or even on a lake or river, particularly if there are shoals.

7) Bushnell Marine 7×50 Binocular I wrote about these in a recent previous post, indispensible aboard a boat.

8) X20 Universal Adult Life Jacket Vest – Red & Black As far as boating safety is concerned, this needs no further explanation, you must have one of these for everyone and they don’t work very well unless the person is wearing it when they fall overboard….just saying….it’s also a good idea to attach a Unified Marine 50074032 Safety Whistle to each life jacket.


10) Great Neck Mariner 125-Piece Tool Set Even if you are not particularly mechanical having some tools is a good idea. Someone may come along who is handy, and they might need some tools. You should also have spare spark plugs and if possible a spare propeller is a good idea too. If you get a new prop, keep the old one aboard in case you need it to get you home.

There ya go, have fun on the water buy play safe and always practice boating safety !!

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