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As it is midway through the deer hunting season it is time we heard from our roving hunting reporter Alleghany Al McNeil. It’s always good to hear from our roving reporters, some of whom rove so far they forget to come back. However, that is not the case with Alleghany Al.
Al Has been spending the deer season at his deer camp in the backwoods. He recently got out to the main road long enough to mail us his report on the hunting in his area. Here it is:

Just thought I would pass on a deer hunting update halfway through the season. Seeing lots of does and very few bucks. But it has not been cold yet this year. We need the cold weather to rouse those lazy animals out of their warm beds in the mornings.
I am finding pockets of rubs and scrapes and that of course is where I have been spending most of my time.

But a story arises out of this because one of these areas is an annual hunting spot, where I have seen some nice deer over the years but have not taken one there.

Most successful deer hunters bag their deer from tree stands or good ground blinds. I am a roamer and cannot sit in any one spot for any length of time but have done all right through the years, some say many years.

This year a few new hunters, who happen to be friends, asked me to kinda help them out. Show them the ropes. Show them some hunting spots.

Always one to enjoy a challenge I agreed. One of these fine gentlemen had just received a brand new tree stand from his sister for his birthday.

So we put his new tree stand together and tested it out.

Then we took the Tree Stand to the woods. To one of my finest hunting spots.
I spent a long wet afternoon in the tree stand and did not see anything.
Russell spent 1 hour in the tree stand the next morning.
"successful whitetail deer hunter"
Congratulations Russell.

Thanks for helping me – by shooting my nice deer, but it was a great morning. I think next year I may not be so eager to help fellow hunters…..

Proving once again his prowess in the woods, Alleghany Al reported in several days after the above post that he too had succeeded in bagging a buck. Not just any buck, a ten pointer, who was outwitted by our hunting editor Alleghany Al McNeil. We are so proud…especially Larry who is already greasing up the frying pan.
whitetail deer buck

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