Great Camp Adirondack Chair

No cottage website worth it’s salt can ignore the beauty and function of a couple adirondack chairs on the deck. Adirondack chairs add a sense of rustic to a camp and seem to belong in cottage country settings.

However, not all adirondack chairs are created equal. Some are nice to look at, not so nice to sit in, while others might look a little ‘rough’ but turn out to be very comfy, a great place to enjoy the view of the lake and your morning coffee.
Lakeland Mills create adirondack style furniture that is both functional and attractive like this cedar adirondack rocking chair an extremely sturdy adirondack rocking chair with a wide seat for comfort and a natural finish that adds the look of the outdoors to your deck.

You might expect to pay a small fortune for this adirondack rocking chair, but nope, as of this posting, this chair is selling for $124.90. A great time to order a couple for your cottage.
Order your cedar chair today here: Lakeland Mills Cedar Log Rocking Chair

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