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General Store Closing
Its a sad day when the general store in your cottage neighborhood goes out of business. These are the stores that we depend on each year to keep us supplied at the camp.

Ranchwall Exterior Siding
How to renovate and rejuvenate an old boathouse or shed using ranchwall exterior siding to recover the old exterior and give the place a welcome face lift. An inexpensive way to upgrade your cottage or boathouse.

How To Protect Your Outboard Motor From Theft
Outboard motors are popular targets for thieves. However there are ways you can minimize the risk of losing your outboard motor. Learn how to keep your motor on your boat using some simple, inexpensive tools and techniques.

Gwen’s Rocky Point Slop
Lonesome Larry and Rob enjoy a day of working at the cottage followed by a delicious supper courtesy of Gorgeous Gwen Of The Lake. Here is what happened.

Gas Powered Wood Splitter
Using a gas powered wood splitter takes the hard work out of splitting firewood. A wood splitter can help you amass an amazing supply of firewood and have fun making it.

Family Camping
Our camping editor, Kim Dares, provides some helpful tips for camping with the family. Things to remember to make your family camping trip an enjoyable time.

Our humor editor Lonesome Larry MacDonnell tells us about his latest experience trying to get the internet hooked up at his cottage. Things didn’t go well….

Extra Beds For The Camp
You can never have enough beds at the camp and you never know when company is going to arrive. That’s what makes camps and cottages fun, it’s nice to have company arrive. Here are some ideas to make it easy to fit them in if they want to stay overnight.

10 Tips For Cottage Security
Here are 10 tips to help you keep your cottage safe and secure even when you are not there.

The Rocking Chair
Here is what happens when Lonesome Larry’s neighbor decides to clean out some of the old stuff from the cottage he just aquired. Lonesome Larry explains it in a way you won’t forget.

Cottage Plumbing Repair
Here’s a great tip for making easy cottage plumbing repairs. Having some of these connectors on hand at the cottage will come in handy when you need them the most.

Can’t You Hear Me?
I ran into some trouble at the gas station recently. It ended up being a bit of a fiasco.

Discovery Of New Planets
The Keplar Telescope has discovered what cottagers have known for years, there is much more out there in the night sky. The telescope has discovered what may be the existance of many more new planets, some of them probably able to support life.

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