Canada Geese Visit

This morning I was awoken at 7:30 by a much appreciated text message from our neighbor Al, who is an early riser. He wanted us to know that there were two beavers swimming in the cove. So using what I consider volunteer firefighter skill I dressed in seconds and was out the door camera in hand…and glad for it I was…

Besides two beavers swimming around the cove, five Canada Geese dropped out of the sky for a visit, along with three or four black ducks. The place was a veritable wildlife refuge. All we needed to round things out was a black bear in the green box. Unfortunately no black bears materialized although we did have a black dog running around. Remi is also good at doing the firefighter call to action.

So here are some photos I was able to get of the geese and beavers, starting with the beavers.
"beaver swimming 1"

"beaver swimming 2"

"beaver swimming 3"

And here come the geese…
canada geese

canada goose

canada goose 3

canada goose 4

"canada geese 5"

canada geese 6

canada geese

canada geese 7

canada geese 8

canada geese 8


Then one of the beavers swam back past us.

Canada geese 11

canada geese 12

One of the wonderful things about living in the country is this stuff, being able to see a Canada Goose, and a beaver and who knows what else in front of you while you have your morning coffee.

Canada geese 14

canada geese 15



Followers on Facebook will know that I regularly post pictures of a tree that is on our shoreline…in fact it has kind of become known as “The Tree”.

In a quirky twist, this morning the five geese swam over beside “The Tree” and if I didn’t know better, it appeared they were waiting there for me to take their picture with the tree. The five geese gathered together and sat in front of “The Tree” while I lined up the photo. ( I was going to say, “Lined up the shot” but thought better of it)




In other news, Remi had a fun play date with his girlfriend Luna yesterday, and yes, they were in the lake!!

Fishing season is upon us, our neighbor was out to try his luck in the rain. rowboat

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