The Kindling Splitter

wood pellets
When you burn wood for heat you realize that having a fairly large supply of kindling for starting wood fires is almost as important as having firewood. Some newspaper and some kindling allow you to build a fire easily.

Unfortunately making kindling is not quite as easy. It usually involves splitting wood with an axe which involves a lot of bending to pick up the pieces etc. The older I get the less “bending” I like to do….

So…what I have been doing of late is using wood pellets and liquid firestarter instead of kindling to get our woodstove fire lit.

That system works good as long as we don’t run out of pellets or liquid firestarter. Which…do to my extensive complete lack of planning and foresight, happens quite frequently. Then I find myself with the axe in hand chopping kindling and bending over to gather up the split pieces…the frigging bending…

So I am becoming quite interested in The Kindling Splitter

You mount the kindling splitter to a deck post, fence post, or perhaps to a wall in the garage. Start the cut on the blade, move the wood to the next step up and repeat. It will cut 1/4″ to 1″ slices.
kindling splitter
This doesn’t look particularly fast, but it does look relatively easy and probably less likely to remove fingers. Here is a short video demonstration.

These kindling splitters are available from Amazon for CDN$ 89.00. You can find out more and order one here: The Kindling Splitter

Note: some of what I wrote above may not be quite true…it is acutally Wendy who does all the kindling splitting around here. But I do worry about her fingers.
"wood chopper"

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