Pictures of Whitetail Deer

Those of you who follow me on Facebook have probably seen these pictures of whitetail deer. They are from a collection of pictures I captured these pictures of deer in 2013 and 2014 mostly with a trail camera.

I was feeding the deer copious amounts of apples and they were rewarding me with regular visits to the yard.

We had lots of fun watching the deer who became quite casual about our presence in the window looking at them. However, they did not lose their fear enough to stay in the open if I ventured outside when they were there.

Here we have a doe checking out her fawn, the fawn is quite big as it is at least 6 months old in this picture.
whitetail deer
Here are a couple (probably the same two deer as above) enjoying a few apples.
Here is one of the first pics of a whitetail deer buck. This fella showed up and hung around most of the fall. Most of his visits were at night, although he did make the occasional daytime visit.

You will notice he is a piebald deer, that is, his color is brown with white patches. I first saw this deer when he was a little fawn about the size of a beagle, he and his mother crossed the road in front of us one evening.

It was exciting to see how he had grown and developed antlers. He is probably about two years old in these pictures.

Here is another yearling, he or she came for lunch.
I think the camera has been spotted !!
whitetail deer
whitetail deer
I can’t imagine he was comfortable with that antler hanging down in his face.
Another buck joins in….
whitetail deer bucks
And then a third buck joins in. Notice this one is the piebald buck that I mentioned above. He has gotten a bit bigger.

whitetail deer
This little one was a regular, and got quite accustomed to daytime visits for a bite to eat.
This doe is the mother of two of the little ones.
Notice the piebald again, without antlers at this point.
Here is a good side on picture of the little piebald. We were lucky enough to have him return the next season as a young buck.
piebald deer

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