Outboard Motor Stand

If you are like me and I suspect you are, you’re getting older….and the older we get the heavier stuff becomes. Like outboard motors. Remember when you could carry your 15 HP outboard motor in one hand and a full five gallon can of gasoline in the other? And maybe a few life jackets too?

A 15 HP outboard motor weighs somewhere in the vicinity of 65 pounds and they only get heavier as they get bigger and the popular four stroke outboards typically weigh more than the older two strokes. So why not consider something to make carrying your outboard motor a little easier. I’m talking about an outboard motor stand on wheels. Like these:

Yaheetech 85 Lb 15hp Outboard Boat Small Motor and Engine Stand Steel Carrier Cart Dolly

Gotobuy 85 Lb Outboard Boat Motor Stand Carrier Cart Dolly Storage

This one is rated for 315 pounds, that’s quite a bit of outboard motor.

Goplus® 315 LBS Outboard Boat Motor Stand Carrier Cart Dolly Storage Pro Heavy Duty New

Guide Gear 130 lbs. Outboard Boat Motor Carrier Dolly

If carrying your outboard motor is not your issue perhaps you just need an outboard motor stand. Outboard motor stands are useful for working on your outboard and standing them upright for storage. Here is an outboard motor stand without wheels for stationary storage or repair/outboard motor maintenance.

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