Lake Pictures Day 20

Whew! After the blizzard…not the worst snow storm we have experienced since moving to the cottage but certainly a good one.

I can guess an amount probably somewhere between six and 10 inches of snow. It is difficult to be sure because the snow was accompanied by high winds resulting in lots of drifts and various depths.

The plow truck was here this morning to dig us out and I followed up with the cleanup using my Husquvarna yard tractor. Lots of ‘seat time’ as we tractor drivers like to say. Nothing more fun that plowing snow with a tractor.

Of course I managed to get stuck but my neighbor came to my rescue and between a shovel, some sand and some extra tugging torque using his big snowblower I was back up on top in no time.

Shoulda had a picture but we were too busy getting unstuck to think about it and no….I am not going to recreate the scene for a photo op.
Here are a few snap shots I did grab after the work was done.
Here’s the Dodge Caravan all clear and ready to go!
I managed to plow out the wood pile so we can get to the firewood without having to slog through snow to do it.



lake charlotte clouds

The burning barrel…

lake charlotte winter ice

lake charlotte nova scotia
Remi loves to get out and play in the snow.
standard poodle

standard poodle

The Husqvarna yard tractor all gassed up and waiting for the next snow.
Husquvarna tractor

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