Pictures At The Lake Day 14

A sunny day today here at the lake, the temperature stayed below zero all day, in fact as I write this it is showing minus 6 degrees on my weather station.

So lets get on with your cottage country winter pictures…

First of all…remember the mysterious “scat” from yesterday’s post? Well a trail cam may have answered that question. WGI_0003

So that solved, let’s move on. No further scatology today.

The lake is still pretty much ice free with the exception of some thin ice around the edges and in the coves.



With a forecast of snow, freezing rain, rain and high winds, I stocked up on tractor gas and generator gas. Doesn’t hurt that gas prices are down this week. Gotta like that, more tractor driving.

Wood pile number A2576 B is starting to get smaller. Plus it is starting to look kind of unkempt. I prefer a neater woodpile. A man (or woman) who keeps a neat woodpile is to be adored and honored. I don’t do a very good job keeping mine neat but I do have an elaborate numbering system.
wood pile

A bit of ice forming in the cove but not making it’s way to the main part of the lake..yet….


A great day for Remi and I to do some wandering.
standard poodle

lake charlotte

standard poodle



lake charlotte

Our mysterious circle in the ice is still there. I think it’s time we did a head count, looks about the right size for a person to have dropped through…although it is only about 3 feet deep at best…maybe a short person.
circle in lake ice

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