Pictures at the Lake Day 13

It’s a less than delightful minus 6 degrees Celcius today, but the sunshine makes it bearable to be outside. Geared up the tractor today in preparation for the next winter storm and hauled in some firewood for the same reason. Along the way I snapped a few random photos of the lake etc.
While I enjoy a frozen lake, I think I prefer the blue of open water in January.

lake charlotte winter

The ice is slowly returning to the cove, building up on the shoreline and reaching out into the lake.
Lake Charlotte

lake charlotte ice

shoreline ice


Some mysterious “scat” from the driveway…kitty cat? racoon? fox? Hey, all my pictures cannot be pretty….

Gotta have a pic of my buddy Remi.
standard poodle
And of course a few ducks hanging around enjoying the open water.
black ducks

And finally…this is my favorite, an ‘ice circle’ that is probably caused by an underwater spring pushing warmer water up underneath the beginning ice. Or it could be from a very small alien spacecraft. Close encounters of the icy kind.
lake ice circle

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