Pictures At The Lake 5

Today in cottage land the weather came in sunny and cold, temperatures around -4C during the day, which were preceded by minus double digit numbers overnight. Those low temperatures did a lot towards helping ice to form in the lake, ice that stretched almost across the lake this morning. Here are today’s pictures of my little corner of cottage land in my little corner of the world.
The lake looks calm…but that is actually a layer of ice.
lake ice
It’s freezing thicker in the cove.
lake charlotte
Here’s something a little artsy fartsy…
cracked ice
I call this “the rock” In this case “the rock with ice around it”
big rock ice
Here we are peering down through the ice, see any fish?

This is the camera I use, Canon PowerShot ELPH 340 HS 16MP Digital Camera (Black)
Here’s Remi checking things out.
standard poodle
I am teaching Remi to carry firewood. I dream of the day when I can just tell him the fire needs wood and he will go get some and bring it inside. He is catching on.
It’s working, here he is with a piece of firewood now.
He brings the firewood in and drops it in the wood box. Gotta love that.
One more of the beautiful lake.

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